‘I am working class and always will be’ Bonnie Tyler. Anyone who played the Swansea nightclubs like Bonnie Tyler did in the 1970s has certainly earned her corn. She was ‘discovered in the Townsman Club’- jesus you were more likely to find a body in there. But I fear the BBC are setting her up to fail.
I have just looked at the video – it must be the cheapest ever. There’s a paraffin heater – check it out – on the floor in the house then 5 minnutes of mudflats on the Loughor estuary. c’mon bbc give the poor dab a chance.


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4 responses to “I FEAR FOR BONNIE…………….

  1. tristan

    Bonnie isn’t going to win, not when you have half naked Irish hunks to contend with… She does have a rising platform though. That mght win some votes.
    Sounds like she’s putting her time in Sweden to good use though – lots of partying.

  2. GG

    Europe ain’t gonna vote for the UK after all this anti-euro shit that we’ve been involved with. The pro euro nations blame us for the future collapse of the eurozone. Poor Bonnie, it ain’t personal.

  3. That Carol Decker out of T'Pau, probably ....

    Earned her corn? Cornucopia more bloody like, according to walesonline Tyler’s worth north of £25m, working class? A total eclipse of my f**king arse, by contrast her song for Europe is, ironically, worthless…

  4. You always fancied her – come clean!

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