WOW – UNITE has poured a lot of money into this:

Today ED BALLS has promised IRON WILL to keep spending down and introduce CUTS CUTS CUTS – yet Owen Jones will be asking us to vote Labour at the assembly.




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  1. A J Cookhouse.

    Comrades, we must go back to our branches and organise firm left pressure on tbe leadership. A change is coming and I have a dream, as Otis Redding sang at Obama’s inspirational wine and cheese party last month. Polly was in tears. Really.
    All it takes now is one more big People’s Push on a broad based front to take our great movement in a progressive left direction, moving forwards, over time. Remember, Ed Miliband is NOT Tony, he is the true son of Ralf. He’s read ALL the books. He even has signed copies.

  2. Earlier today at Westminster …

    Money Money Money

  3. So Ed Balls has reached into the grab-bag of Hitler phrases and come up with ‘Iron Discipline’, what next? Perhaps he’ll repeat Churchill’s memorable quotation- “The curse of Trade Unionism, is that there is not enough of it…”? once the Labour Party has doubled up on Tory rhetoric, and cuts, in order to outsmart the unofficial triple alliance between the EDL, UKIP and the Conservatives, and please the readership of the Daily Mail.

    It’s pathetic. They’ll do anything to avoid the forthcoming end of Trade Union lobbying, immigrant-bashing, the collapse of the Co-operative Bank, (which will gut what’s left of the ‘Labour Movement’) and the resulting rise in wildcat strikes…What will Ed ‘iron’ Balls do then? Turn to Owen Jones as the saviour of British ‘Socialism’? Why not? since Jones is just another David Cameron, only turned inside-out- like one of those reversible glovepuppets…

  4. Teesside Solidarity Movement

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  5. nona anon

    Celebrity comedians? where? Oh you mean Mark Steel; neither celebrity nor remotely funny. Middle class journalist tosser is his correct job title.

    • ramon mercader's favourite axe

      ‘Steel was adopted a few days after he was born.[2] He grew up in Swanley, Kent. He was expelled from Swanley Comprehensive School for attending a cricket course at the age of 15,and went on to work in a garage. From there he went on to make his first public performance as a poet’.

      Yeah, what a middle class cunt. This kind of sectarianism is just pathetic. But you’re right about him not being funny. When anarchists learn something about solidarity, ordinary people might start listening to them. But I won’t hold my breath.

      • Actually he does make me laugh, providing I don’t read him too often, cos if I do, I statrt to think of him as a ‘poverty-pimp’. Still, if only the anarchist movement had half as much wit as this co-opted working class Trot, then…who knows, it might discover more of that humanity-based solidarity that’s always being banged on about. Never mind- there’s always badgers to care for…

  6. Anonymous

    What were people saying about a working class inclusive movement with that grudging nod of admiration towards the EDL ? Comrade Steels alright.
    Learn to work with other people, and do something for the community.

  7. “yet Owen Jones will be asking us to vote Labour at the assembly.” Who is Owen Jones lol…

  8. nona anon

    Swanley in Kent. Yeah that’s real ghetto. Haha.
    Who cares where he was born, the point is that NOW, today, at this instant…. he is a middle class journalist tosser, who writes for a middle class media that is read by other middle class tossers. All his mates in ‘the industry’ are middle class tossers. His chums over at counterfire or the SWP are all middle class tossers. His whole life now is as full of middle class tossery as the most middle class tossers you can name… In my opinion.

  9. ramon mercader's favourite axe

    So, now people who write or perform for a living form part of some enemy class? There are also now ‘anarchists’ who will tell us that people who work for local authorities are some sort of class traitors; people who work for the police; people that go to university; even people who just work for a living. When your politics just alienate most of the people around you, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise when you find yourself stuck in some sort of political wilderness. But lets face it, that’s exactly where many anarchists actually feel most comfortable.

    • Good point- the ultimate aim to abolish class not to maintain it. Always been a tricky one this, raising class consciousness only to want to obliterate it, ‘workerism’ etc. though we will never get one without the other. A truly conscious class would ideally want to dissolve itself after destroying all others.

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