ED TO GIDEON: ‘Owen Jones is asking people to vote Labour to stop the cuts’


June 4, 2013 · 6:59 am


  1. There is something loathesome about own jones (let’s call him own jones – he is out for himself). A few months back I watched him speak at a coalition of resistance rally. he’s got the patois, he’s got the looks, and boy has he got the rhetoric. but thats immediately where it stops. he praises the actions of people everywhere else….in tahir square etc….wherever they are rising up…..but when I suggested the next time two million people were on the street (like they were for the stop the war demo) instead of all catching the bus and going home (stop the revolution I wanna get off)….they stayed in parliament square, Trafalgar square, Piccadilly, Victoria street, flooding the government district and choking off all routes to parliament……the blood drained from his pasty face.

    this son of socialism has hardly ever been outdoors! he stuttered and blustered and urged people to go to the assembly on june 22 instead, and talk some more about where to meet next over what to do next. and he had the brass neck to berate the british people for failing to get a united anti austerity movement together despite five years of cuts……he never looked himself in the mirror once, except to check his mask had not slipped.

    own jones is working his passage to millibands prime ministerial office…I dont know what as, speech writer probably and aide…..but he’s not getting there riding off my back and the back of the working class. this one book wonder pisses me off more than the tories …. at least they are openly and honestly screwing our people.

  2. Either that, or they’re discussing the belly-busting menu options for the post-conference banquet in Watford-

  3. nona anon

    But lovely Owen ‘goal’ Jones is so good on Question Time. The gallery he plays to loves him. His twitter pals who all work in the media love him too. His daddy’s union mates love his cheeky little face. Hugo Chavez would have loved him, if he had ever heard of him and was still alive that is. Gorgeous George loves him. Counterfire love his faux working class credentials. Chavs all over Britain love him for being their voice (except during the riots when he suddenly lost that voice and became a spokesman for law and order). Thatchers relatives love him for ordering everyone to stop dancing tn the street…

    Yep, he’s a future home secretary for sure.

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