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An earlier attempt at LEFT UNITY was the RED FRONT – a bizarre electoral alliance in 1987 between – wait for it – the RCP and RED ACTION. Yes thAt’s right between the RCP and RED ACTION. Someone out there must have the lowdown on this…..

I like the name THE RED FRONT – a lot more ooomphy than Left Unity. And a good pedigree from Germany where it was an armed defence force against the Nazis. Anarchists united under THE BLACK FRONT banner?

Tim Wells tells me: I remember the Red Front, it was when the RCP took to wearing black leather gloves and flying jackets in order to look tough


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12 responses to “THE RED FRONT

  1. Whatever next?- The Black Wedge!?

  2. Andy V

    Wasnt there some strange maoist group with about 10 members also involved? I think it was one of the Posadist groups that belived that Communism would come through alien invasion on the basis that if they were that technologically advanced to get here then they must have politically advanced to communism. Their magazine was full of soviet space stuff and they believed in pre emptive nucler strike by the soviet union. It never really caught on.

    • Greg

      Andy V -the best comedy compere out there, Hen and Chicken circa 1990 -ten times funnier than the acts !!

    • ianbone

      No Andy the third group was the RDG….. The Posadists believed in deep entryism into the Labour party as well as flying saucers so would not join an electoral front against it.

      • Tom Ferrour

        I’m not sure it was “deep” entryism; while the Militant joined Labour but didn’t say they were in the Militant, Dave Douglass (then a Posadist before joining Class War) was open about his politics. Labour members asked why they should let someone who didn’t share their politics join their organisation: “What next, should we let Tories join?” Dave replied that Tories had already joined and were running it. (Ref, Coaldust & Stardust, Christie Books)

    • butchers

      I think a dose of proletarian democracy is what’s required:

  3. Andy V

    Thanks for the comments Greg. Sorry to keep on about Maoists but i remember we once received a funny letter from some weird maoist group in the mid 80s when Keith Joseph was coming to town. It said that the miners strike had drawn a line in the sand and it was time to work together to up the ante. It suggested that we should “make sure the bastard gets a real proletarian welcome he wont forget in a hurry”. However it concluded “unfortunately we wont be able to make it on the day but we are more than happy to supply the tomatoes”. Not exactly in the same league as the Shining Path Im afraid.

  4. TomC

    There were a few hard guys in the RCP birmingham branch, who were Car workers at long bridge, they organised some good defence work in Sparkhill and Small Heath. At the time there was a big Asian gang call the Lynx who patrolled their areas from Fascist attack and these guys were the only non Asian along with some of us Anarchists who the Lynx would let hang around. Remember Barry Bliko of the SWP getting a punch in the face from one of the Lynx for being a patronising middle class tosser

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