This is my favourite joke and the only one I ever tell……..and it never fails to make me laugh. I didn’t think it up but I remember that it was Maureen Uzzell from Swansea who first told me it. Stewart Lee has revealed that many comedians don’t write their own jokes – naming Frankie Boyle as one. I never thought they did write their own jokes but I do like the reasons advanced by one of the top comic agencies:

Bruce Dessau, founder of the comedy website beyondthejoke.co.uk, said many modern comics did not have time to write all their own jokes. “If you are on tour or TV all the time how do you find the material?” he said.

boom boom


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  1. WillyNilly

    Someone’s been working on a hunch.
    This is true – someone once asked me if ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ was a film about Quasimodo. I told them ‘No… but it’s a great track by Metallica.’
    However, trying to explain the Spanish Civil War from an anarchist perspective proved much more difficult…

  2. The Little Yin

    Billy Connolly wrote his own jokes and they were published in Solidarity Scotland. I have a few copies. Then he became a comedian, then he met the Royal Family, and is not funny at all.

  3. Dai Coco

    My favourite joke is the Old Bolsheviks in Exile joke about Mayakovsky’ s death . ..

    “What did his suicide note say? Please don’t shoot Comrades! “

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