John P Reid – who seems to know about these things – makes this comment here yesterday:

‘anyone who’s got the book Climate of fear by David rose can look up Jacobs, see how many times he was named along side Silcott in the original investigation, ?’

So JP Reid – would that be the same David Rose who exposed himself in the New Statesman as a state agent and who said that the Brixton riot – just before Broadwater farm – was ‘organised by Class War and the National front’ and later was forced to make a grovelling apology in the Guardian. Is this your reliable source?

Curious….and curiouser…



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  1. TC

    May I take this opportunity to state that David Rose is a cunt?

  2. Dora Kaplan

    What next from JP Reid? Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Jean Charles De Menezes was an Al Qaida agent? Pat Finucane committed suicide and the Birmingham six where all guilty?

    If he looks hard enough he will find a yellow journalist somewhere who shares his bizarre beliefs. Just open a copy of The Sun.

  3. John P Reid

    As I said in my other comment ,that all I used was roses book to say that the police, new of Jacobs years ago,when you say allthat I may believe all the birmingham 6 were guilty after all ,are you implying now that some people think that one of them was guilty ,and that the rest new enough to stop it, as for the sun,well they did call for the to her Stehpen Lawrence’s suspects to be brought to trial after two of them were found guilty, is that a bad thing, I didn’t actually put up any beliefs in my comments,

  4. Honest refereee

    I don’t know J P Reid, I don’t David Rose, and only remember a little about the Blakelock murder. But I detect something unpleasant in arguments here, which is part of a developing pattern among anarchists; to attribute beliefs to the person you disagree with which that person has neither stated, nor indicated support for. This is a strategy employed by party central committees and it looks bad. Please comrades – honest and direct arguments – people out there will lose trust in you.

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