Interesting new book from former Solidarity member Paul Anderson.


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  1. EUSTONED? aint we all

    Nick Cohen says, ‘A fine little book that reveals Stalin’s deathbed plans to subvert the decent British left for the next sixty years. Chapter five suggests that “Owen Jones” is really Olga Jonovitch, the crazed islamo-fascist creation of the KGB’s secret mind labs, programmed to murder Ed Miliband and establish a Victor Serge- Billy Braggist “volk” dictatorship and the mass production of bright red three wheel Lada cars. I call on every decent left liberal opinion former to read this book, subscribe to Tribune, bomb Iraq and inform on your mates. If you have any. AND ask yourself, What would Orwell do?And his animals?


    Between Harry Newton and Harry Pollitt the british working class didn’t get much of a look-in did it?

  3. Mike Bandaged

    I CONFESS! I had the Moscow Gold and I smoked the fucking lot in Gerry Healy’s front room one afternoon in 1976! High as kites we were with Gerry playing his old Fender Strat, Tom Kemp on congas and Vanessa dancing like a loon in her split black leather mini! Who said the Trots were only interested in dead Russians and pushing each other down embankments! We had fun in them days!

  4. Florence

    Oh the heady Healy days, of honest USSR money, still crisp with the snow on it. The post-war years of collective, constructive, honest, debate about forming a united front to scupper capitalism, arm in arm with our comrades. I recall fondly as my father offered Healy a pamphlet after his meeting where the acolytes were outnumbered by the police, he replied in those rich well modulated tones and delivered his well structured, intelligent, political analysis thus: “You can shove it up your arse S**********”. Those were the days, when we toasted our comrades in the Soviet to thank them for the Stakhanovites’ sacrifice to make our lives that little bit better, considering sweets were still rationed, among other deprivations of post-war Britain.

    But Mike Bandaged, that was before your time, yes? But didn’t you & I also have a jam in Leeds during the miners strike, quaffing the KGB supplied Bulgarian champagne as we rocked with Roubles? Don’t be shy, I know it was you!!!

  5. Mike Bandaged

    All I know is that Gerry and Cliff Slaughter did wonderful harmonies and once Gerry had learned the C Am F G7 chord sequence they did some ace Everley Brothers covers back at Gerry’s flat. Gerry told me he was thinking of writing dialectical songs to subvert the beat tunes of the day like My Boy Lollipop. He wrote one called “You cant resist the Trotsky Twist” which went down great at the Clapham Top Rank. Ive still got an acetate somewhere where Gerry recites the Transitional Program over Tom Kemps drum solo.

  6. Ignatius J Reilly

    Paul Anderson used to be in the old Joe Thomas London workers group for a bit, back in the day. Another snooty middle class Oxford boy.

    • Norm Cloggs

      He’s a “Why I Signed The Euston Manifesto” tosser .

      From Tribune to providing “evil left ” horror copy for Nick Cohen. “A Journey”, as Comrade T. Blair would say.

  7. Voice from a far off land

    I remember the newspaper reports from the early 90s about Moscow gold/diamonds being hidden in soles of shoes and suitcases of cash being handed over to the CPGB at the Soviet embassy. The obvious point is that in the 1970s and 1980s there was virtually nobody who believed in the USSR’s vision of socialism and that includes the Russians themselves. It was a complete farce.

  8. John

    Is Paul Anderson the same guy who used to organise demos in support of members of the Baader-Meinhof gang while he was up at Balliol College, Oxford?

  9. Colonel Bogey

    Why are you advertising for Amazon you fucking one man Madison Avenue, you don’t think Jeff Bezos has enough money yet ?
    That book there is either made in a workers cooperative, or it’s shite.
    And who made your books, eh, Bongo ? Andalusian craftsmen saving money to fund the International Brigades ?

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