OK I’m going to be rigorously honest with you about this campaign – no Damian McBride spin here.
I put up details of a picket of Westminster School on November 5th to kickstart the campaign. I have to inform you that as of noon today no assurances of support have been received. Not one. Someone did say trying to tie it in with the Anonymous action on Nov.5th was naff. I agree – will change date.
So should I give up. Of course. But the incorrigible optimist in me sees sprigs of hope….admittedly small sprigs. I have been invited by the BALLIOL LEFT CAUCUS to speak at Oxford university. At first I thought the BALLIOL LEFT CAUCUS must be a counter prank but no …….it exists. So comrades should I go and deliver an incendiary speech which will ignite the enemy within the belly of the beast? should I??
Secondly punk legend ANDY MARTIN has asked if I’d like to go and record a rant with his band UNIT. Andy is recording some new stuff about the abuse suffered by working class people with a great new track called WORKING CLASS MAN and others. So maybe I’ll record a public school rant and get UNIT to come and play it outside Westminster School.

er…well that’s it……..not much sprigs admittedly. Feel free to add yourself as a sprig. I’ll keep yas posted.


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  1. Al the Rott

    it being Oxford do you think they’d let any of us in? could be a good laugh if so

  2. Tom Brown

    Balliol was founded in 1263. Don’t lean against any of the roof supports. It would be absolutely awwwful if it….well, you know. And cousin Gemma already has her name down for the IPPR…SO retro.

    BTW, Ruskin which once proposed to educate the grateful proles now appears to be a bastion of conservative aspiration and jobbery. No armchair revolutionaries pleeeeeze. Send those Trots to Totnes Poly.

  3. Joe

    Why didnt you go when Eton “invited” you Ian? It sounds worth it if you are up for it.

  4. Are you done with Eton? Ian Bone is, you can join him outside the refectory…..


    If nothing else you can get some retaliation in first to all those little fuckers who are aiming to become professional Labour politicians in the future, and really stick it to them- on the other hand, you might be contributing to their political education and advance their efforts to pass their PPE. I see that the class parasite Miliband has caught the popular zeitgeist by leaning ever so slightly to the left with his token energy price freeze, and expect more of the same promises so that he can get elected and then renege on all the promises-Whatever you say to the ‘Balliol Bolsheviks’, just make sure they can’t use it against our class in the future- in other words, be as uncompromising as you always are- throwing in a great deal of effing and blinding for emphasis…

  6. Dora Kaplan

    I’ll be focusing (what’s left) of my energy on obstructing the Badger cull. I think this is one we can actually win – but good luck anyway. May a thousand sprigs spring…or something like that.

  7. ldev

    I’m up for it-BUT- First you must confirm you dont wear a Crombie ,Mr.Bone!


    Conservative official has been arrested on suspicion of raping a teenage girl in the 1960s.

    Tory vice-chairman Alan Lewis, 75, who was appointed by David Cameron, was held by police after a woman claimed she was attacked by him when she was a girl.

    The self-made tycoon, who owns the Crombie clothing chain and is thought to have a fortune of between £220 and £260 million, was reportedly arrested at a Manchester hotel while on a business trip.

    A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: “A 75-year-old man was arrested following a complaint received earlier this year of an historic rape that occurred in the Manchester area in the late 60s.

    At least that Tory TIMPSON gives jobs to ex-offenders as part of ‘positive discrimination’.

  8. It peeves me why you are against Oxbridge. Both institutions, Oxford and Cambridge, are centres of excellence with world wide recognition… Where else can students be taught on a one to one basis by the academic leaders? And shock, horror.. the working class kids from Manchester and other places in the UK can get that if they have the ability. Oxbridge should be celebrated. Yes, normal kids from Abraham Moss, Sale HS, Alder Community College, Trinity HS, Longendale Community College, Chorlton HS, All Hallows and lots of other normal schools are finding places at Oxford and Cambridge.
    I agree that the public schools should be destroyed… the excellence that comes from Oxford and Cambridge should be celebrated.
    The most immediate crime is that the social mobility that is afforded by the AS Levels is being destroyed by Gove… The AS level results are effecitvely an entrance test for Cambridge, and it opened greater social mobility for the working class kids than anything that has previously existed. It has enabled a good flow of talented students from totally normal backgrounds to thrive academically. They not only thrive academically, but move onwards positively.

    • Ex-Maudlin Student

      The point is there shouldnt be a need for social mobility. Oxbridge perpetuates it, and the fact is that its a 99.9% an illusion anyway. They were all the sons and daughters of rich people when I was there, with an arrogance and imbued sense of entitlement that was quite frightening. This is why I endorse and second the proposition, that for the benefit of society as a whole these two bastions of divisive privilege should be burned to the ground.

      • anon

        I bet you haven’t been back since the 60s. It was alright for you but not for anyone else to benefit from social mobility? Hypocrite. You didn’t exactly refuse to take your place there did you? I bet you grabbed every opportunity your education made possible.
        So until you think of and implement an alternative system (rather than delusional utopian pipedreams) then what right have you to deny anyone else the benefit of the current system?
        Do as you say and not as you do? No thanks.

  9. Ex-Maudlin Student

    80s actually. For your information, anon, I didnt finish my course. As for benefitting from the opportunity I work for the Citizens Advice Bureau. So your ‘bets’ are wronguns. Where did I tell you what to do, and whats your suggestion then, apart from bitterness by default ?

  10. Aidan

    I had a lecturer at my red brick uni who’d been to Oxford. He was gay and Jewish and I don’t think his experience there was entirely positive. In fact he hated the place. He once said, very drily, that of course Oxford had to let in “grammar school boys” to keep the academic standards up.

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