Well according to Weekly Worker reporting on the recent Independent Socialist Network conference:

‘While a merger with Socialist Resistance was rejected, a wider, broader regroupment project was agreed. This will include not only SR and the likes of Workers Power, but the anti-cuts campaign, Plan C, the Industrial Workers of the World and the Anarchist Federation’

That’ll be news to most of them…………..


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    I must confess, I don’t really bother to keep up with the various socialist/trot/etc groupustules, but regarding sectarianism, I was struck at the London Anarchist Bookfair by the unanimity on display at the big anti-fascist meeting, no ideological divisions in evidence, a unity of purpose and general comradelyness (is that a word?), and I thought, why the bloody hell can’t anarchists do that in respect of the state? After all they kill more people than a bunch of ‘away-day aryans’ and Islamophobic idjits…But then perhaps that’s just me…I’d like to see how the AF and IWW respond to this call for a Popular Front…but where’s Proletarian Democracy when you need them?

  2. Dr Llareggub

    I keep a mild interest in the various groupings and re-groupings of the anarchist and trot left and recognise the opposition they face. But as an anarchist, opposed to the state, I generally work outside this framework – and I work bloody hard. The point of all this grouping and re-grouping seems to have one objective – a mass movement of significant size, all united and comradely. I am not sure this is the solution. If you look at movements like UAF, united against whoever their mysterious and centralised leadership deem to be fascists, and the strict central controls over discussions, they are not the model to follow. An area I have recent experience is in animal well being, and I watch the constant re-grouping there with all the same faces showing up at the meetings. I am slowly learning that an impact can be made outside of these tired movements, and see that as a way forward. Sorry for being negative – got to start thinking of alternatives.

  3. Anonymous

    The IWW don’t do politics, of any kind, with any party or group.
    Wishful thinking on someones part.
    Mind you some of the younger members might pledge all sorts, they love to be helpful.

  4. nona anon

    Why wasn’t this reported on mailonline or Newsnight? Around all the local council estates and pubs here, this was all they were talking about.

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