We have candidates for eight London constituencies and four more people actively considering standing. There’ll be a high profile contest against IDS in Chingford but we’re keen to get candidates against Zac Goldsmith, Vince Cable, Chuka Unmuna, Simon Hughes, Theresa Villiers, Malcolm Rifkind….but there are 73 seats in London so whatever suits.
We will be having a meeting in mid- January for all candidates, might be candidates and anyone who’d like to support our campaign…………website, fund raising, rabble rousing, street brawling, heckling, scheming.
We are currently registering Class war as a political party so the name and skull will appear on the ballot paper.
My thinking is that we launch our campaign in May 2014 after the Euro-elections when UKIP will do well and the absence of any ‘to the left of labour candidates’ will become critical for tens of thousands of ex-labour voters who don’t want to join a Trot group masquerading as a united front but will be up for a rumbustious return to CLASS WAR.


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  1. TC

    I am well up for supporting this effort. Not to the extent of actually standing myself as I would be sacked and have to live in the gutter or on your sofa Ian. I think though that this campaign could resonate!

  2. I was informed that Wonga have given £800,000 to the tories if this is true this is an ideal weapon to show class differences created by this lot.

  3. b

    I’ll be interested to see how you get on with registering CW with the Electoral Commission as a political party. I know that words such as ‘queen’, ‘prince’, ‘royal’ and ‘duke’ are statutorily banned from party names and descriptions; that you have to send in a constitution; and that you have to report on donations and loans weekly during general election periods. Names, descriptions and emblems aren’t allowed that are “offensive”. Nor is “none of the above”. You may be able to have some fun with the party description – 12 versions allowed, maximum 6 words each. An acronym counts as a word if it’s in the Collins English Dictionary. I’m not making this shit up.

    Your identity should reflect your party and, most importantly, provide voters with a clear understanding and recognition of who you are and what you stand for. Your voters need to be able to find you quickly and easily on a ballot paper, and be confident that they have voted as they intended. Your name, descriptions and emblems are vital to this process. Before you start the registration process, it is worth looking at other registered parties identity marks on the registers available on PEF Online. It will give you a good idea of what is acceptable in practice.

    That last sentence seems to say “we have a lot of discretion”.

    Can I ask something? Is there anyone else here who’s never voted, whether in a general, Euro, or local election or a referendum?


      Only time I went into a polling station was at the last election, to spoil my ballot paper (which included obliterating the corresponding number that matched my with my polling card-secret vote my arse), and graffiti the word ‘spoil’ on the shabby little cubicle they give us to delegate our individual sovereignty for the next five years…I’d be quite happy to vote CW just for the craic though- I’m pretty sure the cunts in power have already got ‘number’.
      There must be semantic ways around any imposed restictions on party names and emblems should they be imposed- ‘offensive’ is such an arbitrary, subjective concept…

      • b

        I hope crossing out the number on the ballot paper caused consternation among the officials later! 🙂

        I’ve never voted in any state election…

        …but have twice sat in a car outside a polling station and watched. The first time was in a remote area of Scotland where there’s usually a lot of community, compared to in London anyway. Families turned up together and the feeling was as if they were doing something sacred and solemn. The atomisation was palpable. If they’d been going in and out of a show tent or a restaurant, people would have said “Make sure you have a look at Malcolm’s enormous broccoli!” or “That coffee was tasteless, but Mary does her best!” But they almost blanked each other. Asking “Who did you vote for, then?” would have been like ostentatiously farting in church, or swearing, or asking whether someone had avoided sinning since last Sunday. So would saying “I voted Labour (or for the Scottish Nationalists, or whatever)” Maybe it was similar to going in and out of a bank van? Nobody asks “I’ve just drawn some money out. What have you been doing, then?”

        The second time was in Margate in Kent. The feeling was of some kind of shitty no-fun ‘communications’ event run by the council. Petty officials were manning an outlying station of the state fortress, ‘interfacing’ with the Morlocks (‘members of the public’) to the extent that they had to. Maybe they thought they had to show people which end of a pen the ink came out of. Doubtless they moaned to each other, as usual, about how under-funded they were. They seemed scared that something might happen, as if their fingers were poised for the panic button. Maybe some dirty chavs would come in and hang about, or go violent, or start taking heroin, or something anyway. Always a risk of that, in such a scummy area where … fill in whatever prejudice was current about residents of the locality in the heads of the bureaucratic petty-bourgeoisie at the time. (Doubtless, versions of the usual pair: they’re dirty, and they fuck like rabbits.) Not that there seemed much chance of any disturbance happening. The ambience was one of petty officials doing something they knew the meaning of and the proles didn’t. I think there may have been some posters up saying voting is good for you, or eat 5 portions of vegetables a day, or Margate’s a Happening Place, kind of thing. Hardly anyone was coming. Maybe it was the time of day. “The efforts we make”, eh?

  4. Jason

    Any prospect of fielding candidates outside the London area?

    • nona anon

      You dont have to live in the constituency. Besides which you can always claim expenses for a second home. Still no all-women shortlist though.

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  6. Hooorayyyyyyyy!!! Wow. Yes…. just YES. JUST YES.

  7. What is the absolute latest on this effort as of March 2014??

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