Oxford born,

Yorkshire bred.

Strong in arm,

Savvy in head.

Fantastic boost to the CW lection campaign – WARREN DRAPER is to fight David Cameron in his WITNEY constituency at the election. This will enable us to fight Chipping Norton set on their home turf – in the belly of the beast. There is a real momentum building now and a sense of excitement – people helping in all sorts of ways. It’s going to happen.

Warren Draper was born at Chipping Norton War Memorial Hospital several decades before the rot of privilege, celebrity and abusive power (you know the kind of people I mean) took hold of that once beautiful town. Luckily he escaped before the place went completely downhill, but he has lived on the pointy end of government ever since. At a time when he should have been studying for his ‘O’ Levels he was on the picket line helping to defend his community against Thatcher’s all-out attack on the miners and their families; hard to believe that you could learn very much more about the realities of British politics studying PPE (philosophy, politics & economics; the so-called ‘passport to a political career’) at Oxford. Since then he has devoted his life to social, ecological and economic justice; fighting (sometimes quite literally) for the underdog in any way he can. His political views bear no relation to the insincere and spineless spin-doctors (both left and right) of the modern parliamentary system which so taints the very idea of democracy. Instead he draws inspiration from the long, proud tradition of English Libertarianism; which has often found a voice in Oxfordshire throughout the centuries. From would-be insurrectionists like Bartholomew Steer who “stood in no need” himself, but “meant to have risen to help his poor friends, and other poor people in misery”, to revolutionaries like the Levellers, this land is no stranger to the beating heart and marching feet of political change. And who in the third millenium can deny that change is something which British politics desperately needs



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  1. Dr Llareggub

    I saw a suggestion on the Left Unity FB page not to field candidates where a leftward leaning Labour member was standing. I do hope that the Class War candidates will not be attracted to this idea. Y’know…the left have to stick together.

  2. Just been advised that we might want to change the phrase ‘English Libertarianism’ to ‘English Anarchism’ as some of theose Tory b’stards like to call themselves ‘Libertarian’ even though they’re a bunch of over-privileged, power hungry, shit-for-brains, authoritarian, inbred vampires. πŸ˜‰

  3. Peter Good

    Draper owes me a pint

  4. Dr Llareggub

    I have always preferred Libertarian Socialism, which is both unattractive to the Tories and the traditional Leninist/Trot left and Labour too.

  5. y

    I somewhat prefer the phrase, “Class War”, which is strangely troublesome for many of those who profess themselves revolutionaries, but is enduringly attractive to those who are subject to it day after day.

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