Multiple resignations from the SWP over the weekend after the conference re-elected the guilty men of the central committee who had presided over the organisation’s implosion. Charlie Kimber and great helmsman Callinicos are in receipt of sackfuls of resignations – sadly most of the resigning letters reveal little insight into the structures of Leninism and merely hark back to the golden days of Tony Cliff.



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3 responses to “‘DEAR CHARLIE……..I’M OFF’

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  2. Dora Kaplan

    From prof Callinicos
    “Dear members, some of you may have confused the subjective determination of sexual assault on subaltern individuals with the objective conditions prevailing in the Party at this historical juncture. This is profoundly un-dialectical. This confusion of cultural construction and capitalist materialism is a post conceptualist error that fails to contextualise consciousness into a meaningful praxis. Thankyou.”

  3. Keith

    Are they all off to the Ken Loach Appreciation Party – KLAPped out before it really gets going?

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