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  1. jack

    Have a national Ronnie Biggs day. Legend


    The genius of AMP strikes again!

  3. I agree with a war but wonga put big money into the tories so law will not be changed under this lot.

  4. Keith

    The latest Wonga tv advert features fingerstyle guitarist Ben Letts, making a quick buck from Wonga’s victims. Perhaps a CW party political broadcast (looking likely now) could be soundtracked by a lefty anti-corporate guitarist like John Gomm.Out-duel the parasites.

  5. Winged eel fingerling

    That would be Ben Lapps. Brilliant guitarist he is, is a Cunt for using his talents in unison with that puke inducing wonga puppet. Ronnie Biggs was also a Cunt.

    • cosh the hipster

      Ronnie Biggs upset the powers that be more than you ever could. Go back to listening to your shit middle class guitarist along with your shit middle class mates.

      • Keith

        Cosh – is that the cosh that was used on the working class railway worker. Biggs may have been from the working class, but he was now part of an aspirant criminal class – the irregular wing of capitalism.

    • Keith

      Sorry “Letts” was from an old & faulty memory. He is young & foreign – probably doesn’t earn a fortune – & didn’t know he was working for the devil. I mentioned Gomm because he is a similar guitarist, but he refuses to sign record deals & mainly flogs his CDs at concerts.

  6. Winged eel fingerling

    I just listened to him as a guitarist, it didn’t occur what his class background was. He is a pretty jaw dropping guitarist, if you can’t appreciate that, then I feel sorry for you mate. However, as he is working with Wonga, he probably is, nay certainly is a Cunt. Does that clarify things for you ?
    Hey man, big up the year zero approach to the middle class. As regards the
    middle class aspersions, assumptions on your part, also EPIC FAIL, all of it.
    Idi amin upset the powers that be as well, why not have him as a working hero as well. Ronnie ? Im dying laughing here.


      But Idi Amin went to Sandhurst to learn the art or murder, whereas Ronnie grew up shit-skint in South London- the former was an evil dictator bastard, the latter had it away with the Queen’s used dosh and never killed anybody…

      • Team Biggsy

        Exactly. Case closed.

      • alan

        I grew up shit skint in South London too, as did most of my family, but I never coshed any transport workers. Criminal firms are just business structures. Besides, the Sun loved Ronnie Biggs. Most of the ‘respectable’ super-rich, e.g. the royal family, love rich gangsters who grew up poor and ‘made’ themselves. Let’s not go all Notting Hill.

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