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‘Most people who know me know also that I am an outspoken anarchist and that this implies a great hatred for bourgeois democracy. So it is with great trepidation that I announce my intended candidacy for the parliamentary constituency of Norwich South, in the 2015 election cycle.

This decision has not been take lightly. It is part of a wider campaign by the Class War organisation to contest seats across the U.K. and my comrade Victor will be running for Norwich North.
( )

Have we become reformists? No. Do we intend to rule and exert power? No. We intend to occupy the ballot box, to seize the platform we have so oft shunned and from that platform proclaim that the system which has been built upon it is rotten from the inside out.

Politicians such as Nasty Nigel Farrage and crack smoking Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford are no seen as men of the people for spurning politics as usual, but this is a facade. Their policies are as harmful to the masses as those of any member of the political class.

We are the true populists, we live and work in our communities, making a little money from our own labour, not from the sweat of others. We see shops closed, hours cuts, conditions worsening, people rising and being cut down, and hatred seething as the Thatcherites continue to rule. We see the 21st century as the 19th century in reverse as our fundamental rights are whittled away. This covered by a cloak of tokenism towards identity politics executed in such a divisive manner that it can never lead to true egalitarianism.

In short we are losing the class war and the man with a megaphone proclaiming it so is seen as alienating or insane. His platform is built of straw and the big bad wolf is howling. So we must take a new platform.

Voter turnout is around 33% and those who do not vote are scorned for refusing to validate the lesser of a few evils. This apathy stems not from a willful disregard for the quality ones own life and that of our loved ones but from a lack of a real alternative. We wish to show that the problem is not with the people but with power. We will advocate progressive policies which can be pursued at the ballot box as well as solutions which are already well within the grasp of the people if they will reach out and take the hand which is being offered to them by unions, community groups, credit organisations, tax resisters et al.

Time and again well conducted studies show that policies the public profess to support lie in direct contradiction with the real issues which matter to them. Our campaign will highlight these discrepancies, by breaking down the jargon and revealing what lies behind it. We will challenge the liars and their rhetoric will be found lacking in substance, as this time when we step into their back garden it is with an invite and they will not be able to sick their pig-dogs on us, they will be forced to engage with us.

We understand our position will not appeal to all, in whole or even in part, and our opponents will be draw from those who have previously stood in solidarity with us as well as those who have always opposed us. Nonetheless we seek allies: the unionists, the community activists, the siteys, the river dwellers, the DIYers, the occupiers, the radical economists, the disaffected socialist, those crushed under the burden of benefit cuts, and most of all the working class and the none-voters.

Solidarity to all who are struggling under the weight of this system.
Voting doesn’t change anything, people do.

Stan x


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  2. Keith

    This is a truly uplifting statement; it has fire in the belly & is wonderfully intelligent at the same time.

  3. b

    What’s a sitey? Is it someone who lives or works on a site, or somebody else? (Sorry – I don’t get out much!)

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