Brilliant film about heckling in the 1966 general election by Joseph Strick with introduction by Adam Curtis. Just shows what a brave individual can do. The comments are well worth a look as well. Ends with some beatnik anarchists chanting ‘Don’t vote – Anarchy’. For us oldies there he is – SIR GERALD NABARRO!


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  1. Lee Harvey Gramsci

    Wasn’t there a famous one where Harold Wilson was asked about dock closures, waved his arms to the crowd and said, “Well what do you really want me to do?”…to be met with “Just fek off out of it!”

    BTW just seen the creep Denis Mcshady has got six months. Santa comes early.

  2. Dora Kaplan

    Sir Gerald Nabbaro, swift and bold. The closest thing to a bad imitation of ‘Flashman’ we’ve ever had in Parliament. The old fraud made a lucrative living as a political showman, playing the role of Tory cliche incarnate.
    Didn’t he get in trouble with his ‘private secretary? I believe she finally moved on to marriage with an even bigger, lying scumbag – Neil Hamilton.

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