May 22nd – European elections September 18th – Scotland’s independence referendum

I expect UKIP to do very well in the Euro elections in England and create momentum to carry them through to the general election in 2015. Their success will move both Tories and Labour further to the right….creating a big space on the Left
I have no idea how the Scot’s referendum will turn out – but let’s suppose a YES vote. This will deliver a serious blow to Labour and virtually ensure a Tory/UKIP majority in England for the foreseeable future.

So come general election 2015 prospects will be bleak. The only Left force on offer will be TUSC/NO2EU promoting a shrill anti-Europeanism in a misguided attempt to grab the UKIP vote and dated policies on nationalisation straight out of the Ark. The same TUSC that despite all its efforts always gets beaten at the polls by Arthur Scargill’s phantom Socialist Labour Party.

Which leaves a CLASS WAR campaign which may look to some hopeless at present in a transformed political landscape with suddenly every hope of making a significant and populist intervention from the Left.



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    This maybe interesting for you. A list of cyber warriors party by party I have been gathering over the past 8 months.

  2. Darren

    I dunno…UKIP will take more votes from the Tories than anybody else, though they will also take some from Labour. Meanwhile, many LibDem voters will jump over to Labour, just to get the Tories out, after being betrayed by that party at the last election.

    If the Scottish vote ‘yes’, then that’s bad for Labour. But I don’t know how much that would outweigh a split in the Tory vote and the annihilation of the LibDems (with many of them going over to Labour).

    I think Labour will get a majority come the next election, just down to anti-coalition sentiment. So it’ll be Tory-lite for 5 years, with those of us on low wages hoping for a few more crumbs than we get from the current mob of c**ts.

    Hopefully, Class War can do something to swing the pendulum to the left, rather than have it flying right as it has been for awhile.

  3. Greg

    We know democracy as they portray it doesn’t exist here. I therefore expect to see an Oxbridge/Crown concerted effort to ensure a No vote is pushed through in Scotland, along with a late corporate media driven smear campaign against any majority UKIP gains. Xenophobia will seem normal and ‘respectable’ within the Oxbridge run Labour and Tory parties to appease Mr n Mrs Daily Tabloid.

    Definite opportunity to exploit tne widening gulf that a right wing main party consensus will generate, with populist Class War policies, for real justice and equality.

    • Tom Ferrour

      “Farage was educated at Dulwich College, a public school in South London. Upon graduating in 1982, he decided not to go to university, but to work in the City trading commodities.” (Wikipedia).

  4. p.s. Just a correction on dates, euro elections will be held on the 22nd May 2014 and the UK council elections have been moved to take place at the same time.

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