This is a long overdue book on Darcus Howe and the early black power movement in the Uk. I’m looking forward to reading it………but it’s presently priced at £55 by publishers Bloomsbury and is written by a Cambridge academic. So discussion of Darcus will not be taking place where it needs to but the book will be entirely sold to university libraries. Especially galling in that the author bemoans that black struggle in the UK is being hidden from history – at £55 it will continue to be so. If the Brixton Panthers were around today I’d imagine they would walk into Bloomsburys, pick up the books and hand them out by Brixton tube in the name of Olive Morris. If Bloomsbury called the police would that not be a fine thing Darcus.



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  1. Thanks for mentioning the book Ian which I co-wrote with Robin Bunce. We want it to be read as widely as possible as does Darcus. Bloomsbury is in the process of making it available free online as part of its Bloomsbury Open / Creative Commons programme. Keep an eye on their website for when it is fully uploaded. As for my co-author’s Cambridge connection, this I cannot deny although we first met on David McLellan’s course at Kent University.

  2. Una Howe

    Bring this into a reasonably priced paper back….those of us involved at the time could then be able to afford to read it. Those of the present generation given the opportunity too ! Una Howe

  3. b

    If Bloomsbury drag their heels, or maybe even if they don’t, the thing that should happen is that if anyone has got a copy of the manuscript, they should

    * print it as a PDF, if it’s not already a PDF
    * scrub any info in the ‘Properties’ that identifies where it’s come from
    * stick it on the internet, e.g. at Scribd
    * post to blogs and elsewhere, pseudonymously, and give people the link
    * don’t tell Bloomsbury.

    I’ll be happy to do all that with this title if no-one else wants to and someone can send me a copy either in PDF or that I can turn into a PDF (which I can do if the document’s in any format I can open).

    Comrade authors, and comrades slaving a way at publishing houses, do your stuff! 🙂 Let’s give it some class solidarity!

    Some tips when looking for books on the internet, that some people may find useful:

    * search in the Chinese domain (.cn) (ishare.iask.sina.com.cn is pretty damned good), then maybe the Russian one (.ru) (I’ve downloaded hundreds of books from those domains)

    * search at torrents places, such as torrentz.com (if you find something you want, you may need a torrents downloader such as Vuze)

    * if the company or service you use to access the internet won’t let you go to torrents sites, try bypassing their barriers using the Tor browser

    * if you search willy-nilly, you’re likely to pull up a load of crap, including sites run by conmen who haven’t really got the books or have got them but want to get money out of you; don’t get demoralised by this – just learn to recognise the feel of the con sites and improve your search skills

    * don’t install any executables

    * don’t browse to anywhere to do with ‘ilivid’

    * another format that’s used as well as PDF is DJVU, and sometimes searching on DJVU will get you to a copy of what you want when searching on PDF doesn’t (to open a DJVU you’ll need a program such as WinDJView)

  4. This book about Darcus Howe is now out in paperback at £14.99 & on kindle at Amazon at £7.99. Pat Bunce

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