Paul Goggins Labour MP for Wythenshawe in Manchester is seriously ill after a stroke. I was discussing this very seat with a comrade who was considering fighting the seat at the general election last night. If there was to be a by-election I think CW would certainly contest the seat.



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  1. A Gentleman of Quality

    Is it not more traditional to wish Mr Goggins a speedy recovery rather than openly stripping the bedclothes off his sickbed in gleeful anticipation of his imminent death (there but for the grace of God and all that)? All I know of Goggins is what I read about him on wikipedia, true he is (apparently) a bit homophobic and was also in charge of prisons (which is not calculated to endear me to him)… so I conclude that he’s no saint … however he doesn’t appear to be the most obvious nor immediate candidate for the ultimate contempt of wishing him a speedy death either … but then I primarily hate the rich, Tories and fascists rather than somewhat obscure christian socialists, call me old fashioned.

    • ianbone

      Fair point. You can rest assured that a queue of Labour hopefuls are already burnishing their Wythenshawe connections as they outdo themselves in praise of they’re stricken comrade and Miliband will already be on the phone to Keir Starmer to see if he fancies a parachute jump into Sale. Then again Miliband will have the option for a quick cut and run by-election to confound his enemies. Dirty old game politics.

    • I’d love to agree. Sadly I can’t. Two reasons:

      1. One of the reasons monarchies and power-hungry elitist parties are so successful is because they actively plan for succession. The funeral, tributes and election will all – right now – be under discussion in all three major parties. And it is only by planning immediately, before they set the agendas in stone, that we get a shot at changing those agendas.

      When I say agendas, I also mean concrete things such as the booking of spaces for candidates’ speaking, visiting party leader walkabouts, publicity videos including election broadcasts. We don’t sort it out, we lose.

      2. Tony Blair was an obscure Christian socialist.

      I admire your moral concern. I’m not wishing Goggins a speedy death, and your comment did make me pause to question myself and my reaction to the news. But there’s no escaping the need to plan.

    • Alan on Tyneside

      So you can be homophobic and in charge of prisons but still be a ‘Christian Socialist’? Exactly the sort of Labour Party platitudinous obscenity that consistently sickens the depths of the working class soul. Knob off.

  2. Peter Good

    Goodness! The quaint little fishing village of Wythenshawe…spent the first fifteen years of my life there…..

  3. comrade vic

    any chance to destabilise the establishment and put forward our own case
    should always be seized upon

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