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3 responses to “FREE FESTIVALS 1969-90 – TOP SITE HERE

  1. Greg

    Brilliant site. Didnt go to many but fondly remember stonehenge and ashton court. There were loads of one offs as well into the 90s -castle morton etc.

  2. Old Fart

    Brilliant site and brought back loads of memories that were in some dusty corner. Thinking now, how could I forget how the festival scene contained so many genuine working class heroes. So many obituaries on that site prove that one.

    Alongside all the reports of police repression of demos and groups and all that today, we have to remember that nothing changes, just the togs! How many bashings and trials did the festival scene endure from Windsor To Stongehenge to Castle Morton. Vital to remember this as part of our history. People struggled on then and now.

  3. Old Fart

    Not to mentions this sterling bit of proletarian solidarity in the aftermath of Nostell Priory:

    ‘Previously the Convoy had been told by the police that there would be no trouble, as long as they moved on peacefully and got out of Yorkshire. It then seems likely, after a report that the Yorkshire police chief said that “they were powerless to act against the Convoy” that Thatcher hit the ceiling, and demanded action. Next morning at 5 am, 3 coaches and 10 van loads of riot police surrounded the camp. As the Convoy retreated to the Marquee the police trashed their vehicles, smashed windows, tearing out wiring with the excuse of looking for guns. There were no guns.

    They then demanded to talk to the Convoy’s leader ‘Boris’. They had got that wrong too. Boris is the goose. The Convoy started quacking. But they were surrounded… [later] Back at the site, a scene of wreckage, the Convoy who had just donated to the miners, were helped by them with food and tools to mend the vans and 45 gallons of diesel, and gave their addresses for bail’ (Convoy Arrested, Green Anarchist, Nov/Dec.84).

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