These are pinched off Patrick Connolly…….

.Happy new year to all, 2014 predictions: Riots and Class War, politics as we know it will be swept away, Rupert Murdoch stoned to death, Iain Duncan -Smith jumps in front of a train after discovering he’s a carrier of Bubonic Plague, University students hang Clegg by the bollocks, then gut him like a pig, Nick Griffin drops dead / Oxford / Cambridge boat race comes to an end when both are sunk at Putney Bridge. Boris Johnson ends up bald and in a state of deep depression jumps from Tower Bridge and I’ll be doing the dance of death with my Class War comrades as Buckingham Palace burns to the ground as the nearest fire-fighters are 25 miles away. Several by-elections take place and Class War takes seat after seat in every by-election. Now doesn’t that wet your appetite?


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