Can Class War really move away from the political margins in the run up to the general election in 2015? How? It seems to me that we must embrace both parts of the ‘brick and the ballot box’ strategy. If we enter the general election period with our strategy restricted purely to the realm of ideas and policies we will surely fail even if we have the most appealing wish list in history. We need a street presence to set the agenda and force the other parties to respond to us on the territory and issues we choose. One of our policies will surely be the immediate abolition of the public schools. If this is backed up by a temporary occupation of public school grounds and buildings in the autumn then the sight or a red and black flag flying over Eton will ensure that the abolition of private education is central to the campaign and that the elite will be forced on to the defensive. A day of disorder in Windsor and Eton will be worth a thousand press releases as the police uphold the class nature of our ‘democracy’ for all to see. The same can apply to all the other policies we adopt.



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  1. Voice of Reason

    This is a sound approach as long as its not left to only older activists standing outside a prep school calling for it to be closed. If local school and college students can be inspired so much the better. Also don’t just focus on the “top” public schools but research the schools in class war’s target seat areas and go for local press coverage. This will get everyone wondering who is next and the over reaction by the police (eg as in Oxford) will expose their role. Top notch!

  2. tater

    “the sight or a red and black flag flying over Eton ”

    I just came.

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