After Griffin’s certain defeat in the Euro elections the BNP will cease to operate as any kind of force in UK politics. Good riddance. After Tommy Robinson’s shock defection the EDL has lost it’s way and can no longer mobilise numbers on the streets it could in the past. It’s self loathing disparate factions will stagger on but with no prospect of increasing its numbers in the way that seemed possible only months ago. Good riddance. The time of blaming immigrants is over – the time of blaming our gilded Old Etonian rulers can get a fucking move on!

CLASS WAR can fill both the political and ‘on the streets’ voids now abandoned by BNP/EDL. Less than 16 months to the general election and in the teeth of a vicious attack on our class by the Tories – is anyone mobilising on the streets. No. Where are the long promised summers/winters of discontent promised by McCluskey and our left trade union leaders? Nowhere – cajoled by Miliband into good behaviour before the election. Don’t rock the boats comrades.
And the woolly mammoths of TUSC trumpeting the same blast as Ukip – and the nicey nicey Left Unity – does anyone think they can mobilise our class?

Class War has a huge opportunity. Whether we take it or not s down to us. We need to mobilise on the streets as soon as possible to complement our electoral campaign. We need comrades to seize the time. We need to hook up with grass roots organisations campaigning against ATOS/BENEFIT CUTS/BEDROOM TAX/LOW WAGES/the people the tireless Johnny Void reaches out to on his blog/ and …and….But we need not a series of one offs but a concerted and relentless on the streets actions till the election.
Paddy Ashdown – who’s running the Lib Dem 2015 election campaign – has warned:
‘There is a mood of Jacobinism which is frightening. If this is the age of the collapse of beliefs and the dissolution of institutions then what you’re going to find is people who find appeal in answers that are simplistic’
You’re not wrong Paddy. It’s CLASS WAR.



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  1. We’d love to see you in Peckham on the 25th!

  2. Voice of Reason

    Housing is going to be a key issue at the next election. Those MPs with second/third/ weekend homes that stay empty for most of the year need to be named and shamed. Parasitic landlords such as Fergus Wilson need to be told that Class War would seize all property that is not needed for the owner’s own use. There is nothing wrong with home ownership but why does any one need to own multiple homes when people are homeless and being even squeezed out of the renting market?

  3. tater

    You might enjoy this – Chris Hedges interviews – says class war is looming and inevitable in America

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