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  1. Dave

    Just to clarify, this “fleeing” is something known as a “leggit” and takes place when the students of Eton are unhappy with a feature of the governing of the school – they amass outside that building until the headmaster walks out and then they all run away (apparently this has an effect?). It is a tradition that has taken place since the creation of the school and has nothing to do with anarchists or indeed any kind of outside factor not to do with the school. It should also go without saying that the building shown is not a station – it is the library of the school.
    As much as the borderline communist that runs this site loves to imagine himself as some big political influence; I think that the fact that he has to fabricate bullshit stories about subjects fleeing in terror at the sight of an anarchist speaks for itself regarding how much of an effect he actually has on the school. This effect is so insignificant that when news spreads among the pupils that Ian is staging another protest, it is greeted with a joyous reception as his protests are seen as something of a comedy performance. He even planned a protest that was scheduled to take place during the school’s half term last year- this mistake could have been easily avoided by a mere 5 minutes of research – a mistake like this highlights how little knowledge he actually has about the school, not enough to make the sweeping generalization that all the students at the school hate everyone of a lower class and that they want every none upper-class Brit to be beheaded I would suggest – amateur really.
    So give it up mate, Eton will not be shut down. Especially not by someone as insignificant as you – find some other way to vent your petty frustration other than shouting at 13 year old kids in the street who have had very little/ no choice in their upbringing or education and are therefore not responsible for whatever crimes you think they have committed by simply being born into the family they were born into.
    I hope one day you will actually try and interact with a member of the Eton community so that you can realize the falseness of the pre-conceived stereotypes that you make of them to be malevolent, corrupt snobs. it is just the minute fraction of them who are that make the headlines (for obvious reasons).
    I myself am involved with Eton and can assure you that they are no different to any of the rest of us and are perfectly normal human beings. They socialise just as well as you, they are just as compassionate as you, they function just the same as you. So until you actually have proof that all Etonians are maliciously prejudiced against the lower classes – keep your views to yourself.

    • Eton Leaks

      OK so we didn’t force the leggit shown in that film. I doubt the tradition actually does date back to 1440, but perhaps you’re right about that too. However, old bean, you seem not to know that we successfully scared the crap out of the Old Etonians in 2011. We forced them to rearrange their AGM at considerable expense. They’d planned for several months to hold it on 1 November at the offices of Withers solicitors in the City, but they caught wind that we were onto them, and they did an unfilmed ‘leggit’ faster than greased lightning.

      And there’s more, much more to come. We are rising. You are falling. Tax dodging is increasingly getting talked about. So is elitism. So is the criminal corruption of the government in this country. You may take the attitude you do – denying most of what we say about Eton, except in relation to a negligible minority, and proudly displaying your loyalty to the school – but you are seriously mistaken to think none of us benefit from any inside info.

      I should take this opportunity to say a big thank you to those who have provided us with information about Eton. Please keep it coming; it’s very warmly appreciated – both the dirt on the finances and the other material. Top work!

      etonleaks (at)

      • D

        Im not looking for an argument so i’ll let you do what you do.i was merely pointing out the false nature of the video.
        I would also like to point out that I do not represent the school in any way and my views are my own, not the views of the school. I have no solid connection to the school and therefore i am in no position to represent it.

    • A teacher writes...

      If Eton schoolboys are perfectly normal (‘just like the rest of us’) how do they deserve such a privileged existence? Do working class kids deserve underfunded schools, in a process of privatisation, with demoralised teachers? Do they deserve to be made into shelf stackers at Tescos, or labelled as failures? Thankfully, most see through the bullshit.
      Abolition of the private schools (not that radical, already the case in some places) is an absolute prerequisite for a just society.
      I hope that, when you see a red and black flag flying from a roof of Eton, you will reflect upon your disparaging remarks above.

  2. Darren

    Dave – -you sound like a right cunt. Typical of the “born to rule” cunts that you lickarse around, that you would tell someone to “keep their views to themselves.” Fuck off.

  3. 33 degrees of freemasonry, 45 degrees of nasal elevation.

    You bring the poison out of these toffs so beautifully. It’s like suddenly they are naked and you can see how spotty and shitty their arses really are. Shitty arsed little toffs walking round with their noses in the air, their nostrils as far away as possible from their own considerable stench.
    They go to Eton to become convinced that the smell that troubles them throughout their lives is due to the great unwashed that surround them, but the malodorous miasma that seems ever present when they walk the streets of Britain is, indeed, their own.

  4. 33 degrees of freemasonry, 45 degrees of nasal elevation.

    There’s a point, Mr Bone – should adults be aggressive towards children ?
    On the face of it, that would seem to be the height of ignominy.
    But when considering the degree to which the youth of Britain are assaulted economically, legally and eventually physically by the current fruiting bodies of the upper class mycelium, we can draw the conclusion that actually Eton breeds an extreme level of violence, in adults, towards the young.
    Consider the excessive sentences handed out to people after the riots of 2011 – heavy handed judgements towards people who did as little as take a bottle of water. The pettiest, most insignificant pilfering possible.
    Then consider the incredible leniency displayed towards the rich, especially the bankers of this country, who in a country such as China may have got the death penalty for the level of social disruption they have caused. The burdens they have placed upon the young AND the old, the attack – backed by the truncheon and the handcuff and all the other ugly, brutal, indiscriminate tools of state power- is significantly more violent than anything any anarchist or looter has done in this country for hundreds of years.
    But these boys are not bred to think of this, very few escape the conditioning, it seems, and most simply follow the path ordained for them by society’s most ruthless, controlling and cruel members – if members is an apt word at all for people who maintain such a sense of separation and special destiny.

  5. Al the Rott

    we ain’t aggressive and I’ll fucking have any cunt who says we are

  6. Az

    I love how ripples of the Eton provocation just keep coming and coming. The pure effrontery seems to stay with them, exposing their inner twat over and over again.

  7. GG All in

    Chris Hedges on what he learned from being sent to an elite boarding school —

    “…we don’t understand the pathology of the rich. We’ve been saturated with cultural images and a kind of cultural deification of wealth and those who have wealth.

    I, unfortunately, had the experience of being shipped off to a private boarding school at the age of ten as a scholarship student and live–I was one of 16 kids on scholarship, and I lived among the super-rich and I watched them. And I think much of my hatred of authority and my repugnance for the ruling elite comes from having been among them for so long.

    People don’t understand the elite schools, even at the high school level, that they get–the kids get excellent educations, but they learn the whole culture of hundreds or thousands of years of how to rule.

    It’s very distasteful to see, because, you know, I would go to the homes of friends of mine and watch–and let’s remember they’re children, 11, 12 years old, ordering around adults–their servants, their nannies.

    The rich are different, because when you have that much money, then human beings become disposable. Even friends and family become disposable and are replaced. And when the rich take absolute power, then the citizens become disposable, which is in essence what’s happened. There is a very callous indifference. “

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