We’ve been let down by our website setter upper so now we need your help again. Someone to set up the website so I can shift all the latest election news from my blog. Somewhere to list latest news, discuss policies, candidates can imput their own stuff, posters/stickers, fundraising etc. Need a self starter who can just get on and do it and make it visually exciting and fun. I’ve lost list of those who offered before so whether old or new and you can help get in touch urgently – we need to get a move on. Seat in House of Lords by arrangement.



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12 responses to “CLASS WAR ELECTION 2015 WEBSITE – HELP!

  1. I’ll sit down and start learning how to use Dreamweaver. But this will take me a couple of weeks, and still doesn’t deal with hosting. I can’t do this as I’ve shit credit and therefore no way of ordering / paying online. Anyone up for hosting?

  2. Otto Rühle

    Wouldn’t it be easier to just set up a Facebook page for now?

  3. b

    I’d recommend Dreamhost as a hosting company, because their policy is they will only take down a site if they get a court order telling them to do so, signed by a US judge. They won’t do it just because they’ve received a threatening letter from a lawyer.

    • Ditto

      What exactly is illegal about setting up a general election campaign website? Paranoid much?

      • Tom Ferrour

        Secure hosting of websites is often a sensible precaution but I don’t think that it is here. Think of the publicity & of the proof of some of our arguments if (when) Class Wars official election site were taken down!

  4. is ‘Dreamhost’ a hosting place in iceland ?

    • b

      No, it’s in the US.

      I don’t understand the paranoia argument here. If the campaign doesn’t upset powerful people, it’s not working.

      There would be much more mileage in being able to say on the website (to every interested person who’s got web access) “They tried to take us down, but we laughed in their faces – here’s what they tried – we’ve got them on the run – and here’s our message that they don’t like” than saying (goodness knows where – in the anarchist press?) “They took our website down; they must be so scared.”

      A WordPress site (more than a blog) sounds like a good idea, so long as it’s hosted privately and not by WordPress.

  5. Jimbo

    Weebly is a very user friendly format. Really simple to use and looks good. You can build a really excellent website for free with drag and drop. You can redirect it to any domain name.

  6. Tom Ferrour

    I’m not volunteering to do the website but you (the candidates) need to specify it before anyone can do what you want.

    “Somewhere to list latest news, discuss policies… posters/stickers” – like a WordPress blog?

    “Candidates can input their own stuff” – like a WordPress blog where the candidates all have the log in details and each post is signed?

    “Fundraising etc” – I believe that a “donate” button may be difficult and that it would also require a Paypal account.

    You would want a secure mailing list for the candidates. You can get this from Riseup. Do you require assistance with this?

  7. 4legs

    Showing you’re a bit out of date here. Bitcoin will help with payment systems and if you haven’t got any of that then you really ARE behind the curve. Ask around, folk will have some.

  8. El Tourismo

    I agree – digital currency is a big development in the systems of the world and all right thinking anarchists should try to understand it, especially as it was brought to public use by an anarchist for anarchistic reasons.
    A currency, self minted, distributed, out of government control, possibly anonymous – put down the Kropotkin for a minute and do some googling, you need to know about this stuff – or are you going to let it get away from you as the rich buy it all up and entrench themselves further ?

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