Littlejohn’s father was a copper.



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  1. ldev

    Littlejohn is smarmy vermin of the worst kind. a face crying out for a smack

  2. personally, there is nothing in the world that leaves me filled with more apathy than anything written by Richard Littlejohn, the mans bigotry knows no bounds, he is even quoted as saying “I refuse to read Mein Kampf on ideological grounds, it is far too left wing for my tastes”

  3. Uncle Sam

    I make it 100 words of sheer spite.

    And today a copper pleads guilty to lying over Plebgate. Will we ever know how many victims this particular comedian actually got sent down, with perjured evidence given by him in court?

    And how many of these victims were pursued after the event by the sicko lickspittle vigilantes of the gutter press, who once someone loses in court always feel free to write whatever filth and rubbish they like about them, without any fear of libel proceedings?

    Carole Duggan gave a strong, moving speech, her murdered nephew deserved nothing less. The family and their supporters will clearly never be bowed by the police, the courts and the gutter press.

    That is what terrifies the likes of Littlejohn, hence the pathetic attempt at mockery.

  4. Ashe

    the reason why they really hate us is because in spite of all the shit they throw at us, whatever they do, we still come back we are never giving in!

  5. b

    I guessed Daily Mail, but a cite would have been good! It would help community-spirited collectors of this hateful stuff.

    Some people still don’t get it – just how much, and how viscerally as you rightly say, our ‘betters’ hate us.

    A lot of Littlejohn’s hatred against us is expressed in terms of television characters.

    E.g. here.

    Calling a working class woman over 40 a “Doris” is classic cop hate-speech. I recall more than 20 years after the event how after coppers had assaulted my own Mum, and she had fought back with her walking stick, one of the vermin cops referred to her in this way, casually, speaking to another cop. Not surprising that Littlejohn’s father was a copper.

    It was also with reference to a TV chracter that Littlejohn ridiculed Jody McIntyre, the wheelchair-bound man with cerebral palsy who the police dragged out of his wheelchair and roughed up on a student demonstration.

    Come and say it to our faces, Littlejohn, you piece of shit! Say it to working class women, say it on council estates, say it to disabled people in wheelchairs, you fucking fascist cunt.

    Has the phrase “you’re scum and you know you are” ever been more apt?

    (An idea for stickers grows…)

  6. Littlejohn won’t consider it a full success unless the target kills herself.

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