Report by Incubus:

I was at the vigil today, and one member of the family of a police-murder victim said that one inquest into the man’s death was abandoned because the wife of one of the cops involved in the death was on the jury…(forgive me, but I can’t remember if it was Sean Rigg or Roger Sylvester, it’s been a long day, maybe someone can put me right?)
The vigil itself was as dignified and as angry as you’d expect. Sadly it was over-run by trot banners which meant people couldn’t see the speakers on the steps of the cop shop properly-the SWP had two stalls, along with the Worker’s Hammer and Socialist Alliance I think. The usual embarassing lack of an organised anarchist presence was notable.

The family speakers were great and fucking brave given that they have been thrust into that position. Most of the speaking was done by Stafford Scott, a man I have alot of respect for, because he never claims the spotlight for himself, or makes any political capital out of police murders. He spoke about the community across the country resisting the smears of the press and the weight of the establishment- though unfortunately he never puts this in a class context, presumably not to alienate the press and middle class sympathies.MP Lammy was completely absent, and everyone there jeered the fact, though Diane Abbott put in a last minute ‘vote for me’ appearance at the end (to mollify her own constituents I guess). A son from the Hillsborough Families Campaign also spoke as well as the local Turkish/Kurdish Community (Day-Mer). Lee Japser was lurking about, along with sundry elements of Labour’s old Black Bourgeois Caucus.

There was between 200-400 people there, a very mixed crowd, hoards of press baying for trouble, whereas the OB were virtually absent, the side streets were packed with TSG, Dog Units and no doubt some Armed Response Units. The Tottenham Town Hall looked like a Police barracks, with their car park used as a staging area.
What I found really interesting were the youth who stood across the street, against the wall, many masked up, and at one brief point, it looked like the very genuine anger might have blossomed into something else. It’s obvious that none of these guys felt in any way represented by any community leaders, the like of Nims Obunge or the man from Operation Blackvote. The gulf was there for all to see,hear and feel. A group of hooded young guys next to me who were smoking a spliff and listening to the speakers with interest, made their discomfort and distrust of the christian ‘Street Pastors’ that they have in Tottenham very plain- mainly due to the fact that they working so closely with the cops (the lot of them in bloody uniforms like PCSOs-literally GodCops).
It’s striking that the very pure anger of ‘death in custody’ families is always moderated by other ‘respectable people’, and is actually always faithfully mirrored by those who take the full brunt of police harassment, violence and intimidation. The same people the moderates want to ‘stay calm’. It’s that anger that is always coralled, contained and forcefully guided into the legal and judicial path- which so often is clearly a dead end as far as any real justice is concerned. Black and Working class anger is only ever permitted if it is refracted through the lens of middle class ‘decency’, the proprieties of having respect for the law and for private property- the twin pillars of the blood stained altar of the social order.
Having said that, thhe best of luck to the Duggan Family in their struggle to find the truth in a city of lies.

Like a man in the crowd said; ’500 years on, and they’re still killing black people, you get me?’-

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3 responses to “MARK DUGGAN VIGIL

  1. vic

    i was at the Norwich one , they edited me out of the photos because of my politics , along with my daughter , funny really , yeah , about ten people , sad old trots in a seventies time warp , there is no hope for the left , it is finished in this country as a political ideology , a religious cult , a blind back ally cul-de-sac , going no where , we all need to wake up to the fact that the left now is nothing more than an arm of the state that fools no one but fools

  2. b

    Very interesting info about who they had on the first jury. I was going to say they probably had someone on the jury. As with many things that are obvious, I didn’t have any ‘evidence’. Saw the same thing in the Paul Burrell trial, which came to light when a royal cop was observed to signal to his wife on the jury.

    In the Duggan case, it went unreported, right?

    When the jury came back in to deliver their verdict, the coroner underlined that they mustn’t tell anyone about what went on in the jury room. That’s the law, true, but it’s not always so emphatically underlined.

    So what did happen?

    The coroner (or top circuit judge from Winchester, acting as coroner) seemed and still seems very clued in regarding the media.

    All coroners cover up for the cops, medics, and hospitals. This judge-coroner sounds as if he’s been working with the Home Office all the way through this case. Independence of the judiciary, my arse! I’ve always seen both the judiciary and the legislature as parts of the executive.

    Not only did he encourage mild and well-channelled criticism of the policy, but he also says the family should take part in some kind of bullshit commission or whatever, to make things better.

    He didn’t make that shit up on his own, I’m tellin’ ya.

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