Peter Hitchens in today’s Mail on SUNDAY.


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  1. Az

    Wow what a piece of shit Peter Hitchens really is. So the police have to carry guns and be allowed to kill without consequence; because deranged liberals can’t stomach hanging people… also “There‚Äôs no logic to it. The liberal bombing of Baghdad and Belgrade unavoidably and predictably killed innocent human creatures. Yet the people who backed the bombing claim that the much smaller risk of hanging an innocent makes capital punishment unacceptable.” . The Fascist Headbanging Christian Fuckwit doesn’t understand logic by definition. Peter Hitchens = cunt.

    • b

      The job that Hitchens is doing for his masters (whether in the Home Office or elsewhere) involves

      * condemning compassion for the poor (openly),
      * sneering at TV programmes which entertain by showing the behaviour of animalistic ‘chavs’ (but what’s wrong with them, if there’s no compassion?)
      * AND…always always desiring the return of the kicking legs, the writhing until expiration, the blue face…of the dirty guttersnipe on the end of a noose.

      Nice guy!

      First time I’ve heard the war against Iraq called ‘liberal’ too.

      Every day, something like 25% of the population read the Daily Mail or the Sun.

  2. Anandamide bliss

    He’s like this cos he’s never had any drugs.

  3. Jacj

    Hate Mail on Sunday…..criminalised for being a bit brown…good on yer Russell


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