Ludicrous story fed to compliant journo and ‘special branch expert’ David Leppard…….compare with ‘people with foreign accents’ rubbish after 1985 riot.

‘ANARCHIST groups have been planning to join forces with criminal gangs to try to exploit simmering racial tensions reignited by the row over the death of Mark Duggan.

While a vigil involving more than 500 people outside Tottenham police station in north London passed off peacefully yesterday, officers remain on alert amid fears of a repeat of the riots triggered by the shooting of Duggan, a suspected gangster, by a firearms officer in August 2011.

David Lammy, the Tottenham MP and a former Labour minister, said: “I am aware that there is potential for conflict with anarchist elements and criminal elements seeking to exploit the situation. I’ve had contact with the police who have been looking at this over many, many months.”

Lammy said he had witnessed “anarchist elements” join a protest’

Sunday Times today



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2 responses to “UNCLE TOM LAMMY SPEAKS

  1. Weekend Wanker – David Lammy, Labour MP for Tottenham, who obviously thinks keeping ‘his nose clean’ in readiness for a Cabinet post in Labour’s next Government is far more important than displaying solidarity with his local community.


    Oh dear Mr.Lammy, this is about as low as you can get as an opportunist politician, mindful even though you are of your future seat in the House of Lords.
    Effectively this scumbag is using the supposed ‘smear’ of anarchism against families campaigning for justice for their loved ones- the very same filthy tactics used by the Met’s undercover cops as they aimed to discredit the Stephen Lawrence Campaign through association with leftist groups. In point of fact there was no organised anarchist group or local group with anarchist leanings present on the vigil, not even the indefatigable Haringey Solidarity Group, there were a few young people there who may well have had anarchist sympathies, though they too respected the wishes of the Duggan family, to hold a dignified and peaceful protest. To be honest though, from Labour’s perspective, all those family campaign groups active in the struggle against deaths in custody and Police brutality, corruption and murder, could be classed as ‘anarchist’, simply for the reason that they are outside the effective control of the Labour Party and are thoroughly community-based and definitely working class.

    A few days ago Lammy wrote in the Guardian that ‘Policing in any democracy is most effective when it operates firmly on the basis of consent, legitimacy and trust.’ He neglected, as a good servant of the state and as a member of HM Loyal Opposition, the catalogue of obscene abuses of power that have slithered all over the newspaper headlines over the past few years, and not just in regard to Police killings, nor does he recognise that that statement is completely false, the myth of consent is exposed daily for what it is, a great lie, because the everyday reality of working class people’s experience with the Police shows the absolute opposite- that policing depends on coercion, violence, submission, harassment and intimidation. The verdict of ‘Lawful Killing’ in the Duggan inquest merely adds power to the arm of the biggest gang in the country and their thugs, giving the Bullingdon Bootboys a licence to kill- a legal sanction for all their lethal violence in future and retrospectively, for all those killed in their custody in the past. The Police in this country have so far managed to kill 1476 people since 1990 without a single conviction- a damn sight more than any fucking anarchist group has, by a factor of 1476- so just who is the real threat to ordinary people on the streets and in their homes?

    When Babylon burns it’s never really due to the efforts of any anarchists (even if they wishfully like to think it’s so) it’s when a community stands up as one and declares its right to be treated with human respect and dignity, that it will not be humiliated and terrorised as slaves anymore, when it instinctively feels that democracy is a sham and a grotesque mask for racism, exploitation and repression. If the political class thinks they have managed to put a lid on the anger they have created, they have another think coming- all they have done is put off the inevitable explosion that is yet to come, and all they will have to offer will be more violence, more lies, more smears,more spies and more irrelevent plastic arseholes like Lammy.

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