Actor Julie Hesmondhalgh who plays Hayley Cropper is a member of the Humanist Association and fully supports assisted suicide as she acts it out as Hayley on Monday. About 80% of people agree that assisted suicide should be legal but there is no hope of any politicians having the guts to legalise it any more than they have the guts to decriminalise cannabis use. It seems to me there is a big gap on such socially libertarian issues between politicians and people which Class War should tap into in the election. ‘Our bodies- ourselves’ was an early womens health handbook and its message has wide appeal today. We should be able to choose what to do with our bodies without interference by the state whether its choosing when to die or when to get high.



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  1. b

    Suicide is legal. Legalising assisted suicide would just mean they bump more people off than they do already.

    For decades, it’s been ormal for them to slap ‘do not resuscitate’ notices on people without asking their families. Many people die in hospital for lack of proper care.

    I don’t watch TV, but it’s interesting that the actress acting out the assisted suicide in Corrie is a member of the Humanist Association.

    Someone I know is a complete Archers fanatic, and I’ve noticed that the propaganda in that radio series is very strong and often very up-to-date – e.g. on unemployment, on the countryside, greenwash, tax issues, etc. Which probably connects with its being produced by the government’s main broadcasting organisation.

    Meanwhile in the newspapers you get e.g. the military industrial complex pushing a war on page 1 and then the whole of page 3 is given over to pushing some drug or other for the pharmaceutical sector – pinned on e.g. a news story criticising a government in Africa for only buying 20 crates of the drug rather than 100, or for daring to criticise the drug’s effectiveness in the first place.

    Several pages in the major newspapers are given to the betting sector. I wonder whether any lefty has ever commented on that?

    Every article has got an angle.

    My point being that although the propaganda hangs together, different capitalist interests have shares in it.

    The same sounds true of Corrie. I wonder how the advertising space – for what else is it? – is brokered, for such programmes?

    The Humanist Association is run mainly by people from bourgeois families whose relations are headbangingly religious (either Catholic or Anglican), and who’ve broken away from that and clung onto ‘humanism’ as their ideology. How it links up to the cull merchants (Marie Stopes was a eugenicist), I don’t know, but I bet it does.

    I’ve bought 2 funerals from members of the HA. The first was run by a fanatic, who declared that the deceased person, who wasn’t religious, may have become a humanist if she’d thought about stuff more (!!) About the most that could be said about this ‘non-religious minister’ was that he was better than a religious one. At least he didn’t prattle on about Jesus. But talking to him beforehand in my council flat, I realised he obviously thought he knew it all on spiritual issues and couldn’t learn anything more. He asserted that all religions teach that people should act in this life so as to reap benefits in the hereafter. When I told him that wasn’t true of Judaism, he asserted that it must be.

    The second funeral was run by someone who showed much more care for finding out what the deceased person was like and didn’t forget at any point that he was doing a job for the surviving people rather than ‘bearing witness’ by spouting a humanist ideology. He did a bloody good job IMO, and from what I could gather, pretty much everyone thought so.

  2. b

    The bastards are coming ever more into the open. The codeword used to be “quality of life”. I.e. this scumsucker’s only future, if he survives, would be one of squalor, so don’t give him proper treatment,

    And what do medics apply nowadays instead of the “Woolworth’s test“, now that Woolworth’s has gone bust?

    A big cull can’t be far off.

  3. Az

    I have to say I support assisted suicide 100%. In 2010 my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer out of the blue and given months to a year to live. The onset was rapid and the option of a suicide assisted by a doctor with access to drugs and knowledge to make the process painless and dignified would have been the best option for all involved. The ‘medicine’ and operations he went through to try and eke out some extra life were pretty horrific of themselves. His best hope for a dignified death was Dignitas which was out of reach due to the fact he couldn’t fly because cancer was so aggressive. The assistance to a suicide would of had to come from me which I would have done but I don’t have access to the required drugs/knowledge to guarantee a painless death not to mention the significant risk of prosecution (what happens if a doctor or nurse finds out and has some objection). In the end his death came quicker than expected but the result of not having access to a doctor assisted suicide meant his death was more horrific than necessary for many reasons one being the lack of control over his own destiny. Probably hundreds if not thousands of people are in this situation everyday.

  4. Josephine

    On similar theme, did you see this in The Independent recently:

    “New drugs will only be made available on the NHS if they help people deemed to be a benefit to society under proposals that prompted fears elderly people could be denied treatment”.

    The Revolting Pleb blog first alerted me to it: http://revoltingpleb.wordpress.com/2014/01/11/the-slippery-slope/

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