After today’s meeting we have candidates in BEDFORD, VAUXHALL and KINGSTON and SURBITON. Welcome aboard comrades.



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  1. JJ

    Please someone stand in Twickenham-I cannot but will help all I can whoever does.

  2. Any details? So I can add them to the list of PPC’s.

  3. If there really will be a Class War candidate in Vauxhall then they will be up against the SPGB which has contested this seat for years. A choice between merely “Bashing the Rich” (which assumes there will continue to be some) and “Abolishing the Division of Society into Rich and Poor” (through the common ownership and democratic control of the means of production.)

    • ianbone

      Comrades we have made a grave error which we will rectify. We would no more stand against the SPGB in their number one target seat than…..something we would not do. Our PPC in Vauxhall has now stood down and we will direct our attentions to the Lambeth and Streatham seats. All Hail.

  4. Seconded, all hail non-state non-market socialist solidarity

  5. Gertie

    Be realistic demand impossibilism.

  6. Mick

    Fair play for challenging anarcho orthodoxy and trying to shake things up a bit. Bearing in mind the deposit for each seat is 500 quid, where’s the money coming from? This is going to cost grands.

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