Clegg presides over a raddled gang of sex pests – Rennard, Hancock and ‘my hair’s fallen out so I hired rent boys’Oaten and the straight homophobe Simon Hughes and…………and attempted dog killer Jeremy Thorpe. A bigger gang of hypocritical moralising self-loathers you could never come across. And now under the pathetic mendacious leadership of CLEGGPEST they are fucked. Completely fucking fucked.



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6 responses to “CLEGGPEST

  1. At least after joining the tories they can only be seen for what they are ie supporters of the rich, if any previous supporters continue to vote for them they become tories also.

  2. Rinka the Dog says....

    At least we now know why the Lib Dems are so fond of the Bedroom Tax….just pay Chris on the way out….

    Oxbridge Lib Dem career women talking about harassment as they harass and kick the shit out of the poor because its “needed”? No fkng problem. Scum all.

  3. Aidan

    I may be wrong but aren’t libdems just tories who didn’t get into the “right” public schools?

  4. Only in the Guardian....

    “Has the handling of the Lord
    Rennard saga damaged your view of
    the Lib Dems?” – Guardian politics web site lead!

    “Er, well up until now I thought they were a totally principled party…

    Next time round I’m voting UKIP cos I like that guy’s views on gays blocking the drains with body builder mags and flooding Swindon…”

  5. Cyril Smiths massive ghost

    None of these allegations are true.

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