The Guardian is reporting middle class panic as news of a GOATS CHEESE SHORTAGE hits the gastropubs of Islington. So far all is calm but I fear when the news hits BENEFITS STREET things will kick off bigtime.



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  1. http://ukgeneralelection2015.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/the-last-day-of-voting.html

    Last day of voting, there has been a strong show for Class War. Will you make a good last push?


    I can see it kicking off at Ottolenghi (Meals at £50 per head- ‘reasonably priced’ for smudges of grub!!) and the Euphorium Patisserie on Upper Street, there’ll be sun-dried tomato juice in the streets with Hipsters and leisured media twats pull their beards out as they go ‘cold goatee’… Boris Johnson is calling up the water cannon, filled with Belvoir organic elderflower presse, to quell the disturbances as we speak…’Benefits Street’? You mean that comedy show on Channel Four? Marrrrrvellous Dahhhhling!

  3. Keith

    There is still goat cheese left in my local LIDL – hurry while stocks last.

  4. Waitrotsky

    Nigella says dont panic! If you can’t find Gost’s cheese then Yak cheese is a perfectly acceptable substitute! She has a few white blocks flown in fresh from Tibet every morning. And some Yak cheese.

  5. frankly

    everyone’s making their own goats cheese these days

  6. Andy V

    I like goats cheese! However its hard to find food I dont like. I am with the Communist / socialist food critic Raymond Postgate that good food should be for everyone . He was a pretty intersting bloke and father of Oliver “Ivor the Engine” Postgate


      …and I like Champagne, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hate the middle and upper classes who make it their life’s work to eat everybody else into starvation, slobbering over ever more exotic recipes to prove their place in the cultured social hierarchy while the rest of us are condemned to eat the mush that passes for food peddled by supermarkets and corporations-entire families living off ‘chicken’ and chips and shitty ready meals cos they can’t afford anything else, because no middle class cunt has ever thought to inculcate people in basic nutrition without patronising them first…The best examples being Jamie Oliver ‘tut tutting’ over poor people’s diets and the grotesque Nigella pulling orgasmic and disgusted faces in the trailer for her new bollocks tv show. It’s enough to make you puke…
      Oh, and I loved ‘Ivor the Engine’ too btw, pishtakoo, pishtakoo…

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