This is a brilliant interview on the Inside Croydon website by Jon Bigger. Jon has been bold and brave enough to stand up in his local area and proclaim he is an anarchist. He’s not hiding behind a mask or anonymous box number……….he’s a real breathing human anarchist who lives down the road……….this has really got the campaign off to a flyer. Brilliant



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  1. Paul Jennings

    Very good interview. I think that you could do with picking up and running a bit more with the radical democrat agenda – even if it means stepping away just a little from the old-style Class War demotic stuff.
    I think Jon makes an excellent argument here, the most convincing I’ve read anywhere for anarchists getting involved in this ridiculous electoral spectacle.

    Towards direct democracy in every community and every workplace!

  2. Tall Chris

    This is good news and I suspect he will get more than a handful of votes. Very good succinct interview as well. I will badger my mum to vote for him.

  3. Paul Jennings

    And whilst I’m on a policy roll………… what about stealing the Green’s Citizen’s Income policy? Maybe it could be tweaked for CW’s purposes. Personally, if we’re aiming just short of dismantling the whole bloody money economy, the notion of a citizen’s income or whatever you want to call it, strikes me as a good one – it would have the potential to completely remove the need for any other benefit system. What do you think?

    • Paul Jennings

      Obviously that should read “Greens'”……….. bollocks!

      • b

        The Greens stole the idea anyway.

        There’s some info in this Wikipedia article on who in the past has called for a guaranteed minimum income, such as Thomas Paine (he called for some kind of shareholder-in-the-state version of it) and Martin Luther King (he called for a pure version).

        Naturally they don’t mention wages for housework (who backed a fucked-up version of it) or the claimants’ union movement (who backed a pure version of it as their main demand – see also the related demand ‘abolish the means test’).

        They don’t even mention the concept of the ‘social wage’.

        So fuck the Greens!

        @Paul – basically yes, but I think a fair bit of tweaking will be needed, and we should steer well clear of the idea that it would allow the removal of other kinds of benefit system.

        For example, we couldn’t say let’s have a GMI for everyone and then there’d be no need to let old age pensioners travel free on the buses! We couldn’t say if people want to travel on the buses a lot, that means they’ll have less to spend on heating.

        ‘Double the dole’ is a good policy. Come out and support a better version of the welfare state, rather than some right-wing idea based on choice which says that if someone wants to squander their GMI on booze then they should sleep on the street.

        How about bundling it up with policies such as

        * free heating for all
        * free public transport for all
        * free dental treatment
        * free eye treatment


        Perhaps view it as a huge expansion of the free bus pass idea. And free library membership, etc. It must be possible to expand these things so that people have social security worthy of the name.

    • y

      Agree – double dole for everyone.

  4. b

    John sounds like a brilliant candidate – so obviously fucking sincere, and clued up about class war in the sense that he doesn’t just say ‘we want class war in the streets’.

    But here’s a question. To what extent should candidates do the following?

    a) go on about anarchism
    b) mention CW’s policies
    c) be serious about getting elected, i.e. ask people to vote for them who aren’t in the traditional ‘anarchist’ demographic

    • by all means necessary

      I’d say to the extent they feel comfortable talking publicly about (a) to (c).

      Jon sounds like a brilliant communicator, with the ability to cut through a lot of long-winded political bullshit with plain and direct language.

      Other CW candidates will have their own strengths which they’ll be able to draw on to similarly connect with people in the places where they’re standing.


      Surely, the focus should be on class, inequality, exploitation and how the rich have got, and are getting, away with fucking murder- Ideology can wait, for two good reasons- cos the media will try and draw candidates out on the ‘but aren’t you just a utopian’ bullshit and cos CW never really evver banged on about ideology in its hay days, because it was largely bloody boring, alienating and abstract. Class-based policies are a different matter though- so many people are sick to the back teeth with lying middle class politics that totally ignore the real needs of our class, where they peddle aspirational ‘wants’ instead, that many will be very pleasantly surprised to hear anyone ‘telling it like it really is’…

  5. Voice of Reason

    If Class War can attract articulate candidates like this at the next General Election, then it won’t l have anything to worry about- word will get around. Through all the cut backs since 2009 the City has been raking it in through the steady growth of dividends and share prices. Isn’t it time that Class War pledged to increase stamp duty on the sale and purchase of shares?- a largely parasitic activity if ever there was one.

  6. Simple and to the point. One of the best political interviews i have ever read.

  7. Snufkin

    Great interview and great to read people’s ideas on here 🙂 I think Incubus has a good point about class inequality aswell

  8. Anonymous

    Why not get the legend that is the Artist Taxi Driver to stand in lambeth/southwark… he is loved and adored in his manner of camberwell

  9. Paul Jennings

    I didn’t mean to imply “get rid” of other benefits, just that if there was a guaranteed income there’d be no need for much of the current benefits system which is degrading.

  10. clue

    “The Missing TRILLIONS: Where The RICH & MIGHTY Hide The CASH. Tax Havens EXPOSED”

  11. Maria Spiridonova

    Woah! Fucking hell! Just read that, unbelievable. Nice one John Bigger- goog interview and some inspiring stuff on this coments page 🙂

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