They say it’s the wives that swing it in Labour selection meetings so Kinnock brought the Danish Prime Minister……………then straight on to the dockers club……………….pass the sickbag……..

Helle Thorning-Schmidt and husband Stephen Kinnock



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  1. b

    Stephen Kinnock is well known to be MI6.

    He was once the British Council boss in St Petersburg, where he did a lot of drunk driving and got himself expelled. Then he was a director of the World Economic Forum. AHEM!

    Some believe his marriage is as sham as William Hague’s.

  2. Michael Foot

    Well alright!!!


    Is it just me, or is the poxy Labour Party shifting ever-so slightly leftwards with the 50p higher tax rate, the minimum wage and the cost of living policy? Could this be the ‘Class War effect’, or the knowledge that the markets are all a-wobble again, the Bank of England’s credibility is going down the toilet, with their fear of keeping their word about raising interest rates (which will destroy the only industry this shithole has left- the inflated housing market) and the HSBC’s limits on withdrawls to forestall bank-runs? I think it’s both in fact, and it’s not for nothing the establishment is talking about tooling up with water-cannon…Public, financial, private debt to GDP is now 900% in UK. They talk about a ‘recovery’- of shitty p/t jobs and zero-hours contracts, consumption fueled by yet more credit-debt. Labour may offer a few crumbs off the table, but at the end of the day, they know the game is over- it’s not a matter of IF anymore, but WHEN.

  4. Prof Dai Coco, Media Studies, Univ of Central Mumbles.

    “The Welsh Donkey Vote”….you can’t beat it.

    It’s…Stevie Kinnock, chez Zurich et Londrez, avec Gucci “wife”- I aint dressing like you common shit! – in Copenhagen, prospective MP for Aberivorengine, taxes paid down the sofa, hair, experience and talent nil. How green is my Wally.

    Perfect for the seat. Just in sign here Sir, and Old Hain will take you up to your suite overlooking the bus station.

    (I hear Prince Harry is courting the Dowlais Top CLP….”He’ll make a bloody good labour MP, so don’t be so bloody feking provincial!” – Lord Kinnokio)

    • b

      The HSBC thing shows how they are straining at the leash. This report in the Washington Times (still Moonie, I think, but I haven’t checked the ins and outs) is interesting. It’s one of many examples of how the way people are really treated, when the cameras are off, by banks, cops, school-teachers, medics, social security, the civil service, utility companies, local councils, etc. etc. etc. is often very different from what is admitted. Any CW candidates reading this – this is something you should talk about. It is not something the enemy is used to responding to.

      The truth is that banks run software that says this chunk of deposit has a 23% chance of being withdrawn between 73 and 241 days in the future, whereas this other chunk is 90% likely to be withdrawn next week. So they get an ever-shifting multidimensional graph, and they do some integration and estimate how much deposit money they are going to be holding each minute, or probably each fraction of a second. The cunts do so much that is based on salami tactics, but putting secret blocks on withdrawals like that points up just how FRAGILE things are – and just how aware they are that the game is going to change and probably pretty damn soon. Just how prepared they are.

      It’s a disgrace for banks to ask for ‘evidence’ as to what you are going to spend money on. What fucking business is it of theirs? And the line about ‘protecting customers’ when they try to make ‘unusual’ large cash withdrawals is bullshit. For most people, a large cash withdrawal is going to be unusual. So what? And they’re not asking for more ID or security questions – they’re asking for ‘evidence’ of what you’re going to spend it on. What happens, I wonder, if you say you’ve stopped having confidence in the banking system and you’re going to keep it under your mattress? Do they call a manager to tell you off and treat you as though you’re an anti-social element and possible terrorist? “HSBC admitted it had not informed customers of the change in policy” (sic) Probably also an element of dry run.

  5. Tough Love

    I was born and brought up in his dad’s constituency and although most people I knew thought he was a mouthy twat, the “The Welsh Donkey Vote” ensured they just weighed it rather than counted. Labour has had some pressure from Plaid in recent council elections but the one party state still rules.

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