Last week action man Dan gets BBC dosh for two progs on him and his rowing chums canoeing through the grand Canyon……….heavily trailed is Dan Snow’s World War One……then on Thursday DAN SNOW’S HISTORY OF THE WINTER OLYMPICS………jesus how much money has the BBC paid him over the last 5 years…….I count 37 separate programmes……..does he never come up with a duffer like Alan Patridge’s monkey tennis?



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  1. Greg

    Then there are all the spin offs- the chat show appearances because he’s…Dan Snow famous for…er..fuck all apart from being an oxbridge twat. Quite funny on radio 5 though, he was barely hiding his irritability at not knowing basic stuff about WW1, even though hes supposed to be the fucking oracle of all things Great War-ish.

  2. PJM

    Take comfort! He was laughably stupid on ‘Pointless’ recently.

  3. Snow on Yer boots

    Coming soon!

    “Dan Snow presents a history of Dan Snow!” (266 episodes)

    Dan examines the rise and rise of Dan Snow. Was this extraodinary era the result of entrenched nepotism, long lunches in Charlotte Street, or elemental social forces that we are yet to fully understand? And pay for.

    “A must watch!” – Jon and Janet Snow

    “I wish I was still alive to see it!” – Erica Hobsbums

    “I love costume drama!” – Michael Gove

  4. What about Silver Spooner Ben Fogle? He had his eye on a BBC career the moment he set foot on the Castaway island, and made sure every time the cameras were on that he put his media friendly foot forward. If anyone should have got a career out of Castaway, it was the Yorkshire farmer who was quite blunt in his dislike of the others and generally did his best to derail the whole thing.

  5. Anonymous

    Isn’t he married to a royal?

  6. y

    At least he knows which side he’s on:- “In August 2011, Snow performed a citizen’s arrest on a rioter in London who was stealing from a shoe shop.” Married to the Duke of Westminster’s daughter as well, apparently.

    • b

      And rather than Lloyd George knowing his father, his great-great-grandfather actually was Lloyd George.

      Apparently he’s done some shit on Radio 4 called “Prince of Wales – a look at the history of the office of Prince of Wales and the current occupant”. There may be a clue there somewhere.

      His aunt Margaret MacMillan is the Warden of St Anthony’s College, Oxford – the postgraduate-only Russia-themed college well-known for belonging to MI6. Unlimited funds for inviting ‘good’ Russians to dinner. (Clever regionally-focused MI6 academics being at SOAS or Durham, with some posh but dim ones at St Anthony’s?)

  7. Don't go down by the yellow snow

    Hows about Dan Snows Battlefield Diarrhea, historical accounts of soldiers shitting themselves through the ages. Monkey tennis was a brilliant idea by the way.

  8. Game for a Shot

    “TV Historians at War” – C5

    Dan Snow, Tristram Hunt and Jeremy Paxman set out to destroy the myth that WW1 machine guns were a much feared weapon.

    The three TV dons advance over a muddy French field as a nest of original German machine guns rake their progress with live ammunition. “I’m really looking forward to this “, says Dan, “it’s living history in the making.” “Me too”, says Tristram with a boyish grin, “a chance to relive 1915 in all its patriotic glory….smashing!”

    Do you want to fire a real machine gun? Contact Lucy at C5 now.


      But you’ve missed out Simon Schama, Vile Fergusson, Michael Burleigh, Andrew Roberts and David Stark-Ravey- Which begs the question, where are all the left-wing historians, on telly or in print? Where are the EP Thompsons, Christopher Hills and Eric Hobsbawms of today? And what does that say about commissioning editors and publishers?

      As Orwell said-

      ‘He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.’

    • Uncle Sam

      Oh to be in no man’s land — twixt the guns of the enemy and the guns of the officers!

      Such fun!

  9. Keith

    I think that from all classes & backgrounds, if they can get the work they get it. THough he has a job with the Indy & presumably is always travelling, Simon Calder always manages to get to the BBC studio for his expertese in travel news (grounded aircraft for e.g.) & a big fat consultancy fee. In his mitigation he went to a comp; but I’m sure there are many such consultants hanging around for rich pickings.

    • y

      There is though a certain training and background that makes people willing to pronounce at length and in public on things they know little about. By repeatedly waffling for cash these people become known as experts.

      • Keith

        Yeah there are numerous examples of the already well-paid supplementing their income: H F-W on marine matters, Stalker on police matters when the cops refuse to comment, the Welsh guy burnt in the Falklands on all matters military & Fry on Russia, Apple & general tech. What do they get apart from a Salford hotel bed to plonk their bums on the BBC Breakfast couch & whitter for 5 minutes?

  10. wedgekiller colonel

    a braying over privileged cunt if ever there was one

  11. Anonymous

    Does an ‘O’ level History really make him a Historian? Pure unadulterated nepotism.

  12. A CHALLENGE for you MR SNOW & the BBC. TELL the “TRUE” story of the MEN of the “Forgotten Army” of Burma! Instead of the usual European war. From 1941 to 1945. In the Arakan & Kohima & Imphal, and the Push to Mandalay! WHY, were the returning solders told 24 hours before docking at Southampton: ANYONE, court talking to the PRESS will be court- martialed with a minimum of 10years in prison. WHAT were the Government frightened off? And, keep quiet about your war, as no-one is interested!

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