Of all the images that so angered and distressed us opposing the Vietnam war this picture was the one that moved us most. It marked by own transition from pacifism to non-pacifism. A brave man fighting in the Tet Offensive audacious attack on the American embassy in Saigon. A man who would have been a granddad today had he lived.



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9 responses to “NYUGEN VAN LIM – EXECUTED FEB. 1ST 1968


    General Loan, the pig who murdered Lim,

    “fled South Vietnam. He moved to the United States, and opened a pizza restaurant in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Burke, Virginia at Rolling Valley Mall called “Les Trois Continents.” In 1991, he was forced into retirement when he was recognized and his identity publicly disclosed. Photographer Eddie Adams recalled that on his last visit to the pizza parlor, he had seen written on a toilet wall, “We know who you are fucker”

    ….Nguyễn Ngọc Loan died of cancer on 14 July 1998, aged 67, ”


  2. Greg

    One of the most iconic images of Vietnam along with the ‘napalm girl’ Phan thi kim phuc. The US learned such media coverage caused internal and global opposition, and images such as these, or detailed accounts of Mai lai for example, would never be repeated by corporate media in their future adventures.


    I agree from Vietnam era protest experience with what you have written. I send this comment only to mention the following not for publication. In the Eighties there was a London based fetish club THE TORTURE GARDEN and on the walls of its venue it had this image in enlarged format as an S and M fetishistic item. Absolutely abhorant and unforgettable and I never ever re visited it having seen that.


      Ah, Torture Garden or TG, which is still going btw, pushing the transgressive boundaries still-, it’s interesting how much freedom is too much freedom to some libertarians and anarchists, I’ve seen all sorts of images projected there, all sorts of uniform fetishes, morally dubious music (Glitter) and been amused at people who elected to leave when they saw images of a heavily pierced cock. TG exists in the psychological and philosophical space, created by possibly the greatest revolutionary, the Marquis de Sade- who, naturally, divides opinions on both left and right. As Sade said ‘Liberty is the Crime that Contains all Other Crimes’…and if you really think about it, it’s so fucking true. The power of Sex and Death that society is built upon, desire and fear, what drives hierarchies and empires…

  4. Aidan

    I shall have to use my words carefully here, for whilst I have no problem with consenting adults doing whatever they want with each other I do have a problem with that strand of bourgeoise decadence that seeks to inflame their jaded palates with images of death and torture. Nowt to do with my anarchism, everything to do with my humanity.

  5. Maria Spiridonova

    Well said Aidan. I can’t say it comes across to me as strange that an Anarchist would object to such things.

  6. Maria Spiridonova

    What is strange to me is to display such an image in that way. I would feel deeply uncomfortable seeing such an image, especially somewhere like that.


    Aidan and Maria Spiridonava – worthwhile positive points. The memory of the contextually vile club display has never left me. It was bad enough in the Vietnam era.

  8. Jaded Palate

    Can’t say I can stomach gazing at that image which puts me in mind of eye witness thoughts on butchery:

    ‘There was death in every shape and form And as usually happens in such situations, people went to every extreme and beyond it….

    …Then, with the ordinary conventions of civilized life thrown into confusion, human nature, always ready to offend even where laws exist, showed itself proudly in its true colours, as something incapable of controlling passion, insubordinate to the idea of justice, the enemy of anything superior to itself… ‘ Thucydides on the Civil war in Corfu in 4th century BC.

    ‘War is the total failure of the human spirit’ R. Fisk 2005.

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