The Brazilian UN inspector has delivered a blistering attack on the Tories welfare reforms and inequality in the UK.




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  1. lenahelena@hotmail.co.uk

    Come on over ma’am I will vote for you.

  2. Tough Love

    I can hear the load clanging of pots and black kettles. Brazil has appalling levels of inequality and poverty, although in fairnes,s recent benefit changes have improved some of the impact on the poor.

    Don’t ignore the fact that Brazil’s GDP growth is 6.5% rather than the derisory sub-2% in UK.

  3. tristan

    Googled her and see she must be doing something right. In September the Mail published an article with a headline saying she’s a witch and offered animal sacrifices.
    Oh and apparently, even worse, she’s a Marxist…

    @Tough Love – but she isn’t representing the Brazillian government, and isn’t responsible for Brazillian housing policy. More pot-kettle-black is UK government condemnation of abuses of workers rights, or complicity in torture, or anti-democratic policies, or civil rights abuses, or…

  4. Maria Spiridonova

    She has done well and been really upset the tories. You can tell by their intolerance of her and the insults they’ve thrown at her, calling her a marxist (not much of an insult really) but also using ‘some brazillian women’ to dismiss her etc. Fact is she actually cares about people and if you look at her experience , clearly knows much more about housing than the government. She wants people to have a decent standard of living and thats why the government can’t stand her. Isn’t this why the tories and ukip want to leave the EU? I know it’s a debatable point but won’t we have more protection in the EU such as payed breaks and other things that the tories or UKIP could take away? At the same time I hear from other anarchos and libertarians that being in the EU only benefits the middle class.

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