I think I’ve got lucky with my one contact Jan who is a doer rather than a talker. He sent me this after I bombarded him with questions:

I’ve sent out about 30 questionnaires – expect about 3 back. honestly people don’t care about politics & if you do stand – i can only imagine you getting about 13 votes!
cuz everyones brainwashed into the 3 party system & ukip seems a change from the usual – whereas bnp will soak up the many many right wingers/nazi’s/racists
honestly the liberals/lefties will just be disillusioned by the whole thing no doubt

I think you continue to be a truly vibrant inspiration to me & many many others Ian. hope you enjoy it – if possible.’



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    Surely with the media attention (plus a few stuntist stunts) you’d get more than 13 votes!? Aren’t ‘the disillusioned’ the target demographic and your natural constituency?

  2. Ashe

    This band is supposed to be anarchist – maybe they could become the Edgar Broughtons of Stoke?

  3. Andy V

    There was a good programme on radio 4 yesterday on the history and the current political landscape of Stoke. Dont know what it was called but on 11.30 yesterday morning. Also you might get our old but slightly unhinged comrade (?) Angus re appearing.

  4. Andy V

    ….Or yoy could track down the scruffy buggers fron the former Careless Talk Collective. You will look just like Joe Hill in Mexico with his tranp army. Lol. Anyway good luck. If you start to scrape the surface you never know what you may find and you may introduce people to ideas they have never heard of or considered before.

    • b

      How many students at Keele University live in Stoke Central? Those who do are likely to be mainly working class.

      As for the Careless Talk Collective! What do you mean, “scruffy”??? 🙂

  5. b

    The local council chief executive in Stoke says that the city’s problems are down to “moaning”.

    Stoke-on-Trent struggles to attract investors because its residents, media and MPs complain too much about the city, the council chief executive said.”

    “John Van De Laarschot said too many people focussed on things in the past.”

    “He had been responding to criticism the council took too long to publish a report saying there had been probable ‘fraudulent activity’ at the authority.

    See also: ‘Fraud probable’ at Stoke-on-Trent City Council, report finds”

    And of course the council is LABOUR, just like Tristram the delightful MP.


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