Three months before the 2010 election Tristram Hunt was parachuted into the Stoke Central seat. GARY ELSBY -very old labour -the secretary of the constituency Labour Party resigned in protest and stood as an independent. Tristram got 12,600 and Gary got 399. The parachute effect was minimal. Why did 12,000 vote for an inbred toff – that’s something I hope to find out over the next 14 months.



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  1. Anonymous

    ehh he is better looking

  2. Tough Love

    The Donkey vote.

  3. Greg

    Thats brilliant katie.

    Why do 12 000 people vote for someone who has nothing whatsoever in common with them ? Loads of peeps think politics is labour v tory, oh and that cleggy liar. They know in stoke that tories are cunts, so traditionalist labour it is then, regardless of whether its tristram, or isolde, or a slab of concrete.

    • b

      I don’t think you should tar everyone in Stoke with that brush. 29000 people abstained in Stoke Central at the 2010 general election. I bet most of them were working class.

      And so what if people don’t know the difference between Tristram and Isolde??

      • Greg

        I dont know Stoke only been there for a football match, but it seems a shithole. Do you know it ? The point is I work in a large environs where people see labour as the only alternative and you could have Tristram or or me or you and theyd vote for it, so I am guessing thats why. Why do you think 12 000 voted for him then ?


    Because he’s a smooth talking cunt, and people are desperate to get the ConDems out, so they’re less likely to be interested in the finer points of Labour’s internal politicking?

  5. not rocket science

    399 votes suggests that the people of Stoke obviously couldn’t stand the bloke.

  6. b

    @Greg – I’ve only been to Stoke in passing, but I knew Newcastle-under-Lyme and the anarchists and ultraleftists who used to live in that area in the 1980s, before a lot of them moved to Nottingham and the ‘Stokies’ became the ‘Notties’. Stoke was traditionally the centre of a larger area (‘pits and pots’), but already at that time it was a run-down shithole, an ex-industrial town. Agreed that those who voted for Tristram voted for him because he was the Labour candidate, viewing Labour as ‘our’ party. I don’t know anything about Gary Elsby, but there can’t have been an Ebbw Vale thing going on. In Ebbw Vale the local Labour officials could turn round to New Labour HQ and say ‘We chose Nye Bevan, we chose Michael Foot, and we think we can be trusted to choose our own candidates, don’t you?’ And everyone thinks ‘Damn right! You tell ’em!’ They then beat the New Labour candidate twice, even though people could hardly go out in the street without bumping into a cabinet minister wanting to shake their hand, campaigning for Nu-Lab. In Stoke, Mike Wolfe, ex-Labour, did win the mayorship for a few years. Maybe personalities played a role in why nobody followed up in the general election, or maybe HQ greased the right palms to prevent a Blaenau Gwent of the Potteries. Or no ‘Real Labour’ candidate came through because that would be ramming too much ‘Labour’ down people’s throats, and people thought of the local council and preferred the easier option of just voting ‘Labour’ and then forgetting about politics? The Nazis did quite well: 8% followed by 8%. The BNP got 19% followed by 19% in the mayoral elections. At one point they had nine BNP councillors in Stoke. The fear of a directly-elected BNP mayor may have been why there was a rush to get rid of directly-elected mayors in the city.

    With its 29000 abstainers, the place is asking for a CW candidate, although the BNP will be a problem because on some issues they’ll be saying the same things about working class people being left to rot and they’ve been saying them in the area for longer.

    • Greg

      Hope ian does well. Thatcher gave herself too much credit when asked what her greatest achievement was, and she replied “new labour”. However this should be on billboards with that pic of tristram in his finest threads. “Its the policies that labour rejects, that makes CW policies the best”, along with ians, *cough* ,charisma should do it.

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