Today I had the idea to stand against Tristram Hunt for Class War in the general election in 2015 in his STOKE CENTRAL seat… one of Class War’s present 18 candidates.
In many ways this is perverse – I could have stuck to opposing Simon Hughes in Bermondsey just down the road from Croydon. Instead I chose Stoke. I have mobility problems with my Parkinsons disease and osteo-arthritis, I don’t drive and my partner has just had a mini-stroke and will no longer be able to drive. So it’ll be a Freedom Pass election. I don’t expect to be bumping into Tristram on the bus.
I don’t know anyone in Stoke. Soooooooooooooo….HERE WE FUCKIN GO! I’m going to keep a daily blog which will start here but move to its own wordpress site soon. I am going to be honest I hope you’ll watch it.

Progress today: I put up on the blog that I was standing and asked if there was anyone from Stoke out there. I have had one reply from someone willing to help.I have bombarded him with questions. I sent an e-mail to the STOKE SENTINEL announcing my candidacy but nothing back. I looked up the 2010 result. Big Lib Dem vote in second place and sizeable BNP vote both look soft this time. All to play for.
I wonder if I’ll pick up the Parkinsons vote – how many will that be in Stoke Central – maybe 50-60? it’s the start of building my coalition of supporters. I may be a ‘violent anarchist’ but I’m also a 66 year old pensioner with disabilities. DOUBLE THE PENSION. Beat that Tristram Fuckwit.You can’t Rachel Reeves won’t let you. I’m off to a flyer. One day one vote……….at this rate………

General Election 2010: Stoke-on-Trent Central[5]

Labour Tristram Hunt 12,605 38.8 -13.6

Liberal Democrat John Redfern 7,039 21.7 +3.1

Conservative Norsheen Bhatti 6,833 21.0 +3.7

BNP Simon Darby 2,502 7.7 -0.1

UKIP Carol Lovatt 1,402 4.3 +1.1

Independent Paul Breeze 959 3.0 N/A

Independent Gary Elsby 399 1.2 N/A

City Independents Brian Ward 303 0.9 N/A

Independent Alby Walker 295 0.9 N/A

TUSC Matthew Wright 133 0.4 N/A
Majority 5,566 17.1 -12.9
Turnout 32,470 53.2 +4.5

Labour hold Swing -8.3


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