Good day – thanks to all of you feeding in bits of info on Stoke – I take heart from Andy Veale’s words:

‘ Anyway good luck. If you start to scrape the surface you never know what you may find and you may introduce people to ideas they have never heard of or considered before.’

Discharge are from Stoke and a mate Stevie Caldwell knows them well and is contacting re a launch gig in Stoke end of May for campaign launch. I’ll have visuals for a couple of TRISTRAM CUNT posters up soon……..and love your suggestion Greg

and then this shocker…………….

Class War held a conference in Stoke in 1984 hosted by the CARELESS TALK collective most of whom were students at Keele University. Some of them have moved on as this e-mail received today shows:

Hi Ian,

I still think Stoke Central is the best chance of getting a seat.

Somebody mentioned the Careless Talk Collective.

One of their former members, Gary Fell, is now a millionaire architect
based in Indonesia, from where he designs holiday properties for the
super-rich in several countries. Here’s the company he’s the boss of,
which employs about 30 architects.

He is of course a complete cunt, but how about asking him for a
donation? I don’t know how well you knew him, but I remember he visited
you at home in London. I haven’t seen him since he was at university.

At one point he thought of using his middle name, Warren, because “Gary”
sounded too common.’

and thanks Jan for getting the reply from Matt the TUSC candidate………



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3 responses to “STOKE CENTRAL: DAY THREE

  1. Al the Rott

    oi Gary ya rich cunt gizza donation then


    ‘TRISTRAM CUNT’ poster- Excellent- lols!


    Ian- of general interest to yerself and the CW2015 campaign, we’ll all be fucked if there ends up being a UKIP/Tory Alliance as some think we will…

    ‘ Peter Hain, the former Cabinet minister and a close ally of Ed Miliband, said…..“Ukip is hoovering up the anti-politics vote. It goes beyond Europe and even beyond immigration. Some of it is plain bigotry. A lot of it is deep, deep antagonism to the political class, of which all the major parties are part. Under New Labour – and it has still not been wiped away – there has been a big disillusionment with us as a party among white working class traditional Labour supporters”

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