Why look a gift horse in the mouth. AMP are designing a TRISTRAM CUNT poster and a hyphenated full colour TRISTRAM POSH-CUNT poster will be online soon for downloading. Never underestimate the ridicule power of the insult. I’m starting from zero in Stoke – I need a gutter no holds barred campaign to make Tristram a figure of ridicule. I intend to hire one or two of them advertising lorries with TRISTRAM POSH-CUNT and tour the towns. I want the 29,000 non-voters last time to feel they can stick the boot into the posh-twat. I want social media in the area awash with self-designed TRISTRAM posters, posters fly posted, hot air balloon with TRISTRAM POSH-CUNT hovering over Stoke on election day. I need your help – send me your own tristram posh- cunt posters. I’m going to flood the town with 50,000 tristram cunt stickers. Any insults will do. One idea was the statement ‘Thatcher said her finest achievement was New-Labour’ quote next to Tristram in his barbour or cord threads. Someone? Let a thousand flowers bloom. I intend to run this campaign from the gutter. C’mom in its luverly. You can help best by doing the same where you live. Stand for Class War. By any means necessary.



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11 responses to “TRISTRAM CUNT

  1. master p

    Mildly related only but how bout Class War run with universal basic income as a policy. that way you cut through the crap of individual benefits that is a touchy subject for many. it’s simple and an idea whos time has come.

  2. Ray

    Dead right master p. Double Dole, 50% Mansion Tax and the Tristram Cunt campaign are all well and good but for a “serious” economic policy universal citizens income and TOTAL FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY FOR ALL will put the cat among the pigeons. Start the ball rolling Ian. Declare your financial assets and demand that posh boy does the same.


      Freedom Pass versus MP’s expense claims-
      “A Labour MP billed taxpayers 4p for a car journey of just 176 yards, according to analysis of Commons expenses claims.
      Tristram Hunt, who is also a TV historian, also put in for journeys in his Stoke-on-Trent constituency costing 8p, 12p and 20p.
      Mr Hunt is one of the most high-profile new MPs, having previously found fame presenting programmes on the English Civil War, the theories of Isaac Newton and the rise of the middle class.”

      On the universal basic income see the stuff Andre Gorz wrote-

      ‘Contrary to the (state) social income, which is a more or less inadequate compensation for social and economic exclusion, a reduction in working hours meets three basic requisites of justice:
      – the savings in labour which technological development has created must benefit everyone;
      – everyone must be able to work less so that everyone can work;
      – the decrease in working hours must not entail a decrease in real income, since more wealth is being created by less labour.’

      Chapter 3
      Critique of Economic Reason: Summary for
      Trade Unionists and Other Left Activists

    • b

      Agreed. Total financial transparency has never been made an issue before in British politics.

      The rich ALL hide their money, and THEY DON’T LIKE IT UP ‘EM. Concretise this into a slogan and a serious policy.

      The rights of private property is the number one ideology of the Tory scum in this country, of the bourgeoisie, of the main enemy. Get orf my land, you dirty scumsucking oiks, you subhumans, you members of the general public, you scum of the earth, you proles, you plebs. “Private” is their favourite word, and “private property” their favourite phrase. But they’re not so fucking keen on saying what they actually beneficially own.

      They’re in favour of as much ‘state’ as will protect their stuff and keep the natives in order. Yes we fucking are in favour of what ‘Old’ Labour used to talk about – a redistribution of wealth. First find out where the rich bastards have stashed it.

      This is never talked about in polite debate. The whole assumption is that the rich suffer us to survive, so stay out of my bank account, stay out of the arrangements my family lawyer makes in the Caymans or Bermuda, stay out of my private affairs. That we survive because the rich allow us and help us is the idea behind what economists ‘believe’ too: all the crap about ‘factors of production’, capital and labour both making a contribution to production, and everyone getting the return or compensation they deserve. The truth is that the rich don’t make any contribution to society. They are the anti-social scum of the earth.

      Instead the allowed channels of criticism involve bullshit like ‘fatcats’ who’ve made 0.8 million quid out of privatisation and stupid irrelevant crap like bankers’ bonuses, that everyone’s an ‘expert’ on. The focus isn’t where it should be – on the filthy rich, on how they’re all a bunch of CORRUPT LIARS AND MONEY-HIDERS, and on how the public authorities help them in every possible way.

      MAKE THE RICH STOP HIDING THEIR ASSETS is a great ‘policy’, manifesto promise, or plank of a programme, call it what you like – an idea that can seize people.

      As well as that, it goes towards people articulating that they don’t ‘work for Tesco’ etc.

      ‘Companies’ and other such fictitious entities play the role of local gods…

  3. Total Financial Transparency For All YES!! Question to the Tory Toffs Old Etonians and etc. In which case why are the bleeding profligate royals excluded?

  4. Aidan

    Just my opinon but I’d leave the c word out of it. It’s offensive to most women and quite a few men. You’ll alienate potential supporters. I can see kids asking their parents “what does that word mean?” You need to move on from the 1980s mate. Tristram Hunt – Posh Twit would work better in my opinion.

    • zz

      This is Stoke we’re talking about. The parents are more likely to ask their kids what it means, trust me.
      Me personally, I’m offended by the word ‘twit’. You need to move on from the 1920s mate.
      Anyway, I’m sure the women of Stoke will thank you for feeling offended on their behalf.


      ‘Twit’ is not strong enough- far too polite- TWAT is much better.

  5. Anonymous

    Tristram hunt isn’t a twit he’s a cunt. And women I know agree. So do the “quite a few men” too. The word cunt isn’t offensive – Tristram Hunt is. Get over it Aidan there’s a class war going on. No time for middle class sensibilities and I’m sure kids will have a lot worse to ask their parents than the dreaded c word.

  6. thebristolblogger

    The gutter? You need to get down the sewer to deal properly with Tristam Cunt.

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