I’ve long been interested in remote islands……..specialising in Tristan Da Cunha and Kerguelen and Clipperton………but I’ve only just come across NORTH SENTINEL ISLAND – a small island off the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean. This island has NEVER been visited or conquered and its people remain implacably hostile to anyone who comes near. The Indian government has declared that they have no plans to attempt any further contact with the island. Full stop. That’s an autonomous zone. A helicopter that hovered over the islands following the Tsunami to se if anyone was alive came under a hail of rocks an arrows. No one’s bothered since.



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  1. Al the Rott

    I remember reading about a 19th century British expedition to capture some of the people from the island. The Brits locked them up in the nearest port where several of them died horribly from diseases they had no immunity against. Then there appears to have been a change of plan and the survivors were dumped back on the island, probably carrying the same diseases. Hardly surprising that their descendants are not keen to meet outsiders.

  2. David Walsh

    Googled the island via Google Earth, So heavily wooded that I could see no sign of any human traces (paths, etc) and the beaches look superb. Hope the Islanders keep out the likes of Club 18-34 and Lonely Planet……

  3. Paul

    Leytonstone has a similar status.

  4. M Palin

    What about Pitcairn Island thousands of miles from nowhere in the South Pacific or Little Diomede stuck out in the middle of the Bering Strait? Of course there is always Hawaii 🙂

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