Good enough for Napoleon……………..



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  1. Keith

    What about the poor St Helenans – Ithink there are about 4000 of them – don’t they get a say? What if the corgis go ferile & devestate the local ecosystem. Are there no uninhabited rocks a few miles off the main island?

  2. Aidan

    Grunard. I’m sure it’s perfectly safe by now.

  3. Anonymous

    Give the queen a flat in a tower block and a state pension to live on (and nothing else). It’s good enough for her subjects…

  4. Dave.

    And tell them that the name ‘Windsor’ is not their real one and henceforth will not be recognised. They must revert back to Saxe-Coburg Gotha. That’ll go down well with the job centre.

  5. Peter Good

    Class War’s policy on the Royals is in direct contradiction to the communique issued by Anarchist Elders from the Drovers Arms, Batley, 7th June 2007.

    Basically our approach to the upper crust has mellowed. There are real Health and Safety issues stringing people up from Pall Mall lamp posts.

    Accordingly, Crude rafts are to launched on a high-tide Thames. These will carry, in order of precedence, most of the Royals. The band of the Brigade of Guards will be in attendance to play numbers from the shows.Well-wishers assembled along the bridges and embankments will throw gifts and useful items to those afloat. One million little yellow plastic ducks will be set free to add colour to the occasion.

    Washed up on the Kentish mud-flats the passengers should be allowed to lead new lives.

  6. Harold Steptoe

    Your going soft, 25 yrs ago nothing less than summary execution would have done. Remember Yerkaterinburg.

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