TUC’s regular October A-B march with no doubt Milibandwagon as guest speaker and every TUC bigwig saying ‘the next prime minister’.
However comrades we can alter this by having the biggest CLASS WAR turnout EVER. In 1983 marked its arrival by bottling Kinnockio off stage this year we need to mark our revival in a similar way. We’ll produce 20,000 Cameron and IDS WANKERS POSTERS so they are al over the march and a huge banner saying the same. We’ll hold our own rally in Hyde Park. We’ll make it a whole weekend in London with rally and social and press conference. As Miriam Karlin used to say EVERYBODY OUT.



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  1. Reblogged this on snookcocker and commented:
    The Grand Old Duke of York stuff will be the usual pile of shite, followed by hot air from windbags full of grandiose delusions. However, it will mean loads of people in the right frame of mind to be receptive to our message. But we do need a large Class War presence to make the best of the opportunity.

  2. North East Anarchists

    Its Sat October 18th Ian. Northern class warriors will be there! http://www.tuc.org.uk/about-tuc/britain-needs-pay-rise-%E2%80%93-tuc-mass-demonstration-autumn

  3. Kropotkin99

    the demos on 18th october, not september – so its same day as anarchist bookfair!

  4. TC

    This should be interesting. especially after the last big TUC demo went,err so well. Onward comrades, I will get sewing more Black and Reds.

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