I’m not talking physical hijacking here but political hijacking. The TUC and Labour leadership have come up with the nice ‘BRITAIN NEEDS A PAY RISE’ as the political basis of the march as this fits snugly with Labour’s ‘COST OF LIVING CRISIS’ line they see as the election winner. So no doubt they are envisaging tens of thousands of workers holding their placards reading ‘Britain needs a pay rise’.
But what if those workers were holding up 10,000 of the Class War ‘wankers’ posters featuring Cameron and IDS. This would portray a different more combative class then begging for a pay rise and yes one with a sense of humour. These posters though years old now are still madly popular. And then down the road comes a fucking huge CLASS WAR trade union style banner with the faces of Cameron and Clegg and IDS on and the huge legend underneath WANKERS. Does anyone not think that everyone on the march would be wanting to have their photos taken in front of it? And behind it a forest of FUCK OFF BACK TO ETON banners.
This is what needs to be done comrades. Simples. You’ll be able to donate to the WANKERS FIGHTING FUND on the new CLASS WAR ELECTION 2015 website soon. Other plans for action will emerge no doubt as the march draws near. Good. But for starters this modest plan will do nicely. But you’ll need to be there.



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  1. TC

    To all supporters of this action. having a mass bunting of high quality red and black flags is going to take a fair bit of time, effort, and money.
    The flags will enable all supporters of our politics to find us easily and will add weight to our presence.
    I am willing to organise the production of said flags but will need contributions of cash to make it happen.
    I will be arranging a series of flag making workshops over the summer so this will be a time to learn/brush up on sewing machine skills and fabric cutting.
    Pledges of cash most welcome.

  2. Kes

    Good idea Mr. Bone but sometimes its better your plans aren’t spread to the entire world. Wouldn’t want Dixon of Dock Green to be on alert for you unloading a van of radical placards.


      A sea of red and black flags would be a sight for sore eyes…It’s worth noting that should Teresa May give the go-ahead to buying water cannon, that they may well be deployed on the day, considering the Ritz redecoration last time, and especially if we see a ‘long hot summer’- remember, they don’t just send out a strong jet of plain water- they can be laced with pepper spray, identifying dyes and perhaps electrified (all the stuff the press fails to mention). Given the ongoing market and economic instability, it’s best to be prepared for any eventuality…Apart from tha,t it should be a fucking good laugh on the day!

  3. Ray

    I hope this is not going to be another peaceful demonstration hijacked by a small group of trouble makers – what we need is a BIG group.

  4. Dave.

    Why is the wanker Miliband exempt from joining his spiritual colleagues Cameron, Clegg and IDS on the posters, banner etc?

  5. lostinthurrock

    Funny how the TUC have airbrushed out any mention of the ‘austerity’ word in their press release about the demonstration. Obviously they don’t want to rock the boat during Labour’s campaign in the run up to the 2015 general election. Methinks a massive presence of the unemployed and economically marginalised is needed on the march to get across the message that we won’t be taking any shite from a future Labour government trying to impose austerity. These are my thoughts in more detail on the Revolting Pleb blog: http://revoltingpleb.wordpress.com/2014/02/14/another-tuc-point-a-to-point-b-march/

  6. Ashe

    Isn’t this just a more colourful version of what the SWP have always done – hand out their placards to as many people as possible and get them into the photos? ‘Exposing’ Labour and the TUC leadership isn’t very hard, does anyone, including Labour members still think they’re going to challenge the system in any way at all? Far more important and far more difficult is to prevent UKIP posing as a real political alternative to both Labour and the Tories and then forming a coalition with the Tories after the next election.

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