A Class War spokesperson said today that in the event of Boris Johnson turning police water cannon on to working class demonstrators at the TUC rally they would turn hoses onto the posh hotels in Park Lane. She added that ‘ retaliatory hose attacks on toff areas in other parts of the country could not be ruled out. Once OPERATION SOAK THE RICH started it would be hard to stop.’
Belgian firemen turn hoses on the cops no doubt the FBU will do the same here if water cannon used:

Class War has a proud history in the field of hosepipe warfare:

Coming the Day after the Poll Tax riot the Strangeways mutineers provided some of the most memorable images of revolt of the time. The fire brigade were asked to train their hoses on the mutineers but repeated intervention from Ken Keating’s Ordsall Class Warriors – cutting of hoses and a robust presence outside the prison walls – prevented this becoming a regular event’



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  1. clue

    Forget about the “police water cannon”, they are not the problem


      True, but the use of baton rounds all depends on the levels of violence being experienced by the OB- they are supposed to react ‘proportionately’ within the tactical principle of ‘minimum force’ (in keeping with the old ‘policing by consent’ malarky). Notoriously, that’s all horseshit ( see the Toxteth riots in 1981 and the hard-stop-shoot to kill policy) and they’ll do whatever they can get away with- all the same, at a large public event with a high media presence and loads of ‘hardworking families’ I doubt they’ll ‘unleash Hell’- that kind of state violence is reserved for inner cities and pre-insurrectionary phases- and again, this is a weapon of dispersal. No, more than likely they’ll deploy their shiny new mobile crowd control barriers at ‘pressure points’ with water cannon behind them (looks fab for the Daily Mail).

      In any case, what they do or don’t deploy on the day will be intelligence lead- depending on what happens over the summer, what the mood is on monitored social networks (yes, there’s an App for that), websites like this, and of-course those slimy undercover maggots they employ. Either way, they usually prepare for all contingencies, so too I expect will the social antagonists who might fancy a fun day out- Keystoning the cops seems to work a treat, but puts people at risk of being kettled or picked off – it would make a change to have, as Ian suggests, a big, vocal anarchist/radical worker’s bloc on the day, cos frankly, the BB can trash everything to their hearts content, which is fine and dandy, but their actions are never contextualised in any way, and so they can easily be derided as ‘mindless hooliganism’etc. by the yellow press. Which it isn’t of-course, but how can Jo Bloggs know that? Belonging to our class as we do, is it not more important than ever to stand together with fellow workers rather than be, and be seen, as apart- water cannon or not?

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