The true lesson of the Wythenshawe by-election is that campaigning in byelections is no longer possible . Out of 23,000 votes cast 13,000 were on the day at polling stations and over 10,000 were postal votes. Postal votes were arriving only three days after the by-election was called and over three weeks from the poll – so nothing that happened during the campaign could make any difference. indeed it is reported that after two weeks Labour already had 4,000 votes in the counting offices. Impossible for any small parties to counter this.
But worse. It is now common practice for local councillors to trawl round care homes to pick up postal votes. The councillor will be friendly with the warden and suggest going round to see who wants postal votes and end up taking 50-60 postal votes to the returning office or posting them on their behalf. Now the country might well be better off run by Alzheimers sufferers but at present hundreds of care home residents are being robbed of any informed consent to support the tory and labour machines. Its a huge fiddle and going on for years. And openly corrupt in places where the warden has 50 votes to cast and gives early access to one party or another.
On May 7th 2015 there will be the first fixed term general election. There will be much discussion of the leaders debates on telly. They won’t matter one jot. 60% of votes will be cast by the time the first word has been said.



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    Isn’t this the sort of thing that ought to be thrown at the enemy by CW candidates? That, and the coalition’s recent U-turn on the constituency recall system for ‘underperforming’ (lazy) or corrupt MPs, (which is basically an anarchist concept!). Then again I think it might be an idea to have a policy that calls for a system of rotating MPs- transforming Parliament into a national assembly of directly delegated representatives, voted in by local communities – who are instantly recallable…

  2. 41182

    Give prisoners the vote

  3. Interesting. When I was a member of the Socialist Alliance. I attempted to canvass an old peoples home, strictly not do get Postal Votes but to just distribute our leaflets.

    Was flat refused entry with a warden – ‘our residents not interested in politics’ – and when I took it up with the charity, as well as backing what she did, they said I could attend, just to hand over some leaflets to the warden at a specific midweek time but only if I had ‘Socialist Alliance Photo ID’ – there was no such thing.

    The whole issue may be a hidden scandal.

  4. Rob John

    Here’s your chance Ian get in to those Care Homes, take a dog those old people love a dog and get their vote! Just be a bit cute about it, make out your from WI and get in there!

  5. Anonymous

    So comrades – what’s going to happen in Stoke when the Labour vote collapses because of a PRE-vote postal vote scandal?

    Come the hour, come the man! 🙂

    CW strategy should be twofold.

    1) Intervene using our psy-war teams at key moments – not in a way that’s traceable back to us. Put the shits up the postal-vote scammers from several angles. THEY DON’T LIKE IT UP ‘EM! Remember – where care homes are involved, the council is also involved – and everyone hates the council.

    2) Be the party that exposes how encrusted with horse-shit the political stables are in this country, at all levels.

    Corruption should be a key plank of the CW electoral effort. Our enemies are dirty cheating lying money-grabbers. They never REALLY call each OTHER that, even if they always adopt contemptuous tones of voice when talking about each other’s policies. Similarly, you never get a music star, lawyer or newspaper editor saying about his fellow ‘professional’ that “he doesn’t give a shit about his punters; he’s only in it for the money.” That’d be sawing off the (insert cliché here).

    I will try to find out how to find out which wards had the most postal votes in Stoke Central.

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