ATOS has asked to end its contract early. Government furious cos what other firms will take it on. My hearty cograts to all esp GLASGOW AGAINST ATOS

The Financial Times reported that Atos recorded about 163 incidents of abuse or assault on staff each month last year.

It said it had found comments on social media accusing staff of being “murdering scumbags” who “won’t be smiling when we come to hang you”.

Atos said: “For several months now, we have been endeavouring to agree an early exit from the work capability assessment contract, which is due to expire in August 2015



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2 responses to “ATOS FLEES CONTRACT


    This is fantastic news, and let’s hope whoever gets the new contract will be met with similar resistance. Worth mentioning too is the near total collapse of the Universal Credit system, and the resistance to the NHS hawking our private medical records to the highest commercial bidders which has resulted in its postponement. Fuck the Systems!

  2. Idol Billy

    Don’t believe a word. The reality is this is all an ATOS smokescreen. ATOS blame their clients to try divert attention from the fact they are not getting their contract renewed because of their rampant corruption, figure falsifying and incompetence. The government never clamps down on these failed providers instead they try to get rid of them as discreetly as possible no matter what they did. Because a scandal would backfire on the government for not policing their contracts properly or meeting their own responsibilities. it’s a case of the victimiser blaming their victims.

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