The Socialist Party now splitting over ‘the tendency of the falling rate of profit to explain the present crisis’. Expect a whole new raft of insults to emerge which will be as much relevance as the debate. My money’s on DOBBSITE to make the initial running ……Old Ted Grant must be……expect the 5th International to split as well…zzzzzzzz……..dust off the old PABLOITE, LAMBERTIST…OH T HE JOY OF SECTS



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4 responses to “THE JOY OF SECTS

  1. Organic ap Grinder

    Wasnt there an old joke on the rev left that Prof David Yaffe (RCP) had invented a machine with cogs and wheels to exactly determine the organic composition of Capital and hence the precise falling rate of profit on any given afternoon?

    Time to get it out of the shed.

  2. Sensible Nutjob

    No need to worry, outta space Marxists will come to rescue us soon in a big shiny red spaceship. It’s bound to happen ! Proletarian solidarity is intergalactic.

  3. I don’t think it is Ian, at least not over Steve Dobbs and the falling rate of profit.

    Lots of other things that could cause a split though, but then again this is a remarkably resilient and hardy little group that seems to maintain it’s coherency quite well compared to other left sects.

    They’ll probably be the last trot sect with a members over 3-figures in the UK.

  4. Lev Bronstein

    Actually the main insult has been “Gromit”, as in “Wallace and the Gromits” 😉

    Seriously though, the “split” is tiny – around 12 people are signatories to their documents, and they don’t even agree amongst themselves. Steve Dobbs, Bruce Wallace and Steve Bush (who, incidentally, was banned from the SP Facebook page for saying what Julian Assange is accused of isn’t rape) will probably end up leaving, but I don’t think this is going to develop into a serious split.

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